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How first-party data is transforming digital out-of-home



Aliana Heffernan

Vistar Media has released a new comprehensive guide to audience and targeting strategies for digital out-of-home. 

New data solutions have contributed to the steady rise of DOOH as a staple in the omnichannel media mix. Many of the leading brands and agencies, including Samsung, REI, Spark Foundry and Coegi, have adopted data-driven approaches to their DOOH activations, resulting in precise audience targeting and strong campaign performance. 


Can I use my first-party data to target audiences offline?

Historically, digital marketers have successfully utilized first-party data to reach the same audience across mobile, video, display and social — but it has long been a challenge to extend these connections to out-of-home media. 

Advancements in both data and OOH technology now enable brands to use their first-party data to create and target audiences in the real world. To get you started, we’re sharing a quick explainer on how you can leverage first-party data for your DOOH campaigns. 


How do I activate against first-party audiences? 

Customer data is an invaluable asset for brands – what better way to target your audience than by reaching consumers who have already demonstrated purchasing affinity? First-party data combined with DOOH gives marketers a powerful way to engage their desired audiences, when and where it matters most. 

Through partnerships with the leading onboarding providers, Vistar can securely ingest brands’ first-party audience data and transfer it into device IDs for programmatic DOOH activation. In this streamlined process, ensuring consumer privacy, we are able to safely target brands' customers with their proprietary first-party data. 

Not sure why you would want to engage an audience of existing customers? Consider…

  • Target an audience who is reaching the end of a product’s life cycle — for example, when time for their car lease renewal or mobile phone upgrade.
  • Encourage upsells and cross-sells by using historical transaction data to reach  your frequent shoppers with complementary products or offers.
  • Launching a new product? Use first-party data to identify qualified prospects by combining CRM data with financial data.
  • If your customers tend to only shop with you at certain times of year, like the holidays or summer, plan your media around other events when it could be a good time to re-engage this audience. 

Want to learn more about first-party data for DOOH, as well as how different clients have successfully leveraged similar strategies for their campaigns? Download our new Audience & Targeting Playbook.

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