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How Responsive Creative Enhanced New Balance’s Celebratory Campaign For Femke Bol



Mahsa Sabouri

Imagine a world where ads turn into moments of celebration and tales of victory unfold on digital screens. New Balance, together with the strategic minds at Kinesso and Rapport WW, partnered to realize this vision, with the support of a responsive creative solution.

At the core of this narrative is Dutch athlete Femke Bol, whose remarkable success in the Budapest championship sparked a nationwide celebration in the Netherlands through Digital Out of Home (DOOH) displays. This endeavor posed a unique challenge, and it was the responsive creative solution that played a pivotal role in its success.

The campaign was thoughtfully structured in two distinct phases. Initially, the primary goal was to uplift Femke Bol’s spirits in the lead-up to the race, cultivating a sense of positivity and determination. However, what set this strategy apart was its exceptional adaptability. Depending on the championship’s outcome, it seamlessly transitioned into either a celebratory campaign, amplifying her triumph, or a more conventional branding approach. This dual-track approach ensured that the campaign remained agile and ready to embrace success in any form.


Responsive Creative

To address this challenge, an innovative responsive creative solution was introduced. This strategy dynamically adjusted campaigns to accommodate various screen sizes, greatly enhancing efficiency and resource management.

Data-Driven Optimization for Real-Time Impact

As excitement continued to build around Femke Bol’s potential victory in Budapest, the collaborative efforts of New Balance, Kinesso, and Rapport WW were wholeheartedly devoted to making a truly meaningful impact. New Balance envisioned Femke Bol’s triumphant moment illuminating screens across several strategically chosen Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort (Femke’s place of birth), and Arnhem (where Femke trains). The inclusion of Amersfoort and Arnhem was a thoughtful selection, aligning with Femke’s personal and professional journey and adding a poignant touch to the campaign. This initiative spotlighted:

Cost-Effective Brilliance: Utilizing responsive creative when victory was certain, demonstrating resource efficiency.

Dutch Glow: Showcasing Femke Bol’s success across the Netherlands as a source of pride.

Adaptable Messages: Evolving campaign messages in real-time to align with the unfolding story.

In retrospect, the responsive creative approach wasn’t just about celebrating victory; it encapsulated the very essence of triumph. New Balance’s brand soared, harmonizing seamlessly with Femke Bol’s success, resonating like an inspiring tune across the Netherlands.

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