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IHS Automotive Partners with Vistar For New DOOH Solution



Aliana Heffernan

Vistar Media has joined with IHS Automotive driven by Polk to bring auto marketers a solution to reach auto intenders through out-of-home media. This partnership marks the first sales lift measurement solution in the industry, allowing auto marketers to measure the impact of their DOOH campaigns on vehicle sales.

IHS Polk has aggregated a market predictor database of 130 million households, so when combined with web intent data from 3,000 OEM and third-party websites, we are able to measure the impact of out-of-home advertising on new and used car sales.

By combining IHS Polk data on vehicle sales with our geospatial technology, Vistar is able to assess the connection between campaign exposure and ultimate impact on sales.

This solution gives marketers a way to combine offline and online data sets to understand where and when to place a media buy to reach customers on-the-go.

CEO and co-founder Michael Provenzano shared, “Now, through our partnership with IHS, we are combining audience segments with our data on movement patterns in the physical world, which allows our geospatial technology to target campaigns in out-of-home and measure real-world attribution. By using Vistar's technology to connect offline transactional data, online behavioral data, and physical world movement data, marketers can not only understand who is in-market but also understand where to best reach and engage with them.”

Early beta clients in 2016 included Toyota, which partnered with Vistar to to run a national promotional campaign for its August Sales Event to market the RAV4, Corolla, Tundra, Camry, Prius, Avalon and Sienna. Companies like Toyota combine Vistar data with their own purchase information to develop a deeper understanding of ROI on OOH spending. Toyota also used Vistar’s expertise to help craft specific messaging targeted to particular demographics. According to Vistar, lift in the “in-market + demographic” audience was higher than that of the overall campaign.

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