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Imediacenter Selects Vistar as Programmatic SSP in France



Leslie Lee

New York, New York November 22, 2021  Imediacenter, one of the largest digital in-store advertising network in France, today announced a partnership with Vistar Media to provide programmatic technology. Imediacenter will leverage the Vistar Ad Platform that encompasses the supply-side platform (SSP) and ad server.

Part of the French multinational retail group Auchan, Imediacenter’s unique network includes more than 3000 digital poster screens in shopping malls and Auchan superstores in France, now available through the Vistar SSP.

The programmatic availability of Imediacenter’s network provides brands and media agencies with direct access to a captive audience in the highest traffic retail environment, through the open exchange and PMPs to maximize revenue. Each month, Imediacenter reaches 45% of the French population, within moments of their purchase decision.

“Confident in our innovative digital and Out-Of-Home strategies, we are committed to provide our clients with personalized premium solutions to efficiently communicate with their audiences. Personalized advertising experiences are key to achieving better results. We need to give access to our clients to an engaging and flexible media inventory. Malls and superstores are more and more attractive to international, domestic and local advertisers. We greatly value our partnership with Vistar Media. Vistar Media has built a leading technology for real-time and data-driven OOH campaigns. Vistar SSP provides marketers with their technical expertise and best-in-class tools to adapt campaigns in a challenging landscape” says Johan Sion, business development director, Imediacenter.

“As we continue to expand in France and across Europe, we are always looking to bring on more unique inventory that buyers want to access”, said Chris Waterman, Global Marketplace Development at Vistar Media. “Imediacenter screens are uniquely positioned at this time with more people returning to retail environments and French buyers seeking to increase their investment in programmatic out-of-home”

For more information about Vistar, please direct inquiries to info@vistarmedia.com.


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