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How to Increase the Value of Your Digital Signage



Aliana Heffernan

As the digital out-of-home landscape continues to expand, there is a huge opportunity for media owners to maximize the value of their digital signage. Top brands and agencies are already using DOOH to drive exposure and reach their desired audiences. As a media owner, ensuring your inventory is easily accessible can increase revenue and decrease the number of unsold slots in your loop. And with the entrance of new technology to the space, there’s now a variety of paths you as a media owner can take to modernize and optimize your screens. 

To help you decide the best way to approach the new digital landscape, we’ve collected the top strategies you can implement to make the most of your network. 

Activate Programmatic Advertising & Ad Serving

Great news - you’re already displaying ads on your screen! But direct deals require a lot of time to negotiate and you’re working with a limited in-house sales team. Enter: programmatic.

Programmatic buying is a type of marketing automation that leverages software learning to manage and deliver digital ads to your screens. 

In this scenario, media owners plug their inventory into an exchange – Vistar’s SSP – and set the floor price. Buyers then bid to purchase ad space – on Vistar’s DSP – based on certain parameters, and programmatic technology serves the ads to the appropriate screen. 

Additionally, through the Vistar ad server, you’re able to understand your inventory availability and maximize yield, with a holistic view across direct-sold and ad exchange demand sources. With this integrated approach (adopting both an SSP and ad serving), your sales team can reserve and book inventory in advance, while our real-time availability tracking prevents overselling.

So depending on your business needs, you can just sell programmatically through an SSP or also leverage an ad server to provide visibility across both programmatic and direct. 

Customize Consumer Experiences in Contextual Environments

We can’t repeat this enough, but: content is king. 

No matter where your digital signage lives, it’s critical that you provide viewers with useful content. Whether generating ad revenue is the primary or secondary focus of your screens, people are more likely to notice and engage when the content they’re viewing is relevant. 

For example, if your digital signage can be found in salons and spas, it may be important to intersperse information like local news or the weather. However, if your screens are in a school setting, it may be valuable to highlight upcoming events, like concerts and sports. Whatever environment your digital signage can be found in, make sure to play to the context – not just the ad space. 

When your screens reach a specific niche audience, they may actually be more valuable rather than less. Advertisers are eager to target specific audiences in contextually relevant environments. Fortunately, Vistar maintains relationships with the world’s top agencies and brands, as well as direct integrations with other DSPs, giving you access to the largest source of demand. So with the combined support of our direct sales team and your in-house sellers, we enable the right advertisers to find your inventory – no matter who your screens reach.

Ultimately, providing digital buyers access to your inventory through a programmatic platform and leveraging the contextual environments in which your screens can be found will increase the value of your network. When digital signage is programmatically available, you’re able to open up an entirely new revenue stream, while still maintaining control of content and pricing. Add in the highly sought-after audiences your digital signage can reach, and buyers will be lining up down the block to get their brands on your screens. 

So the real question is, what are you waiting for? Reach out today to speak to a Vistar rep.


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