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Vistar and Foursquare Places


Introducing Foursquare POIs in the Vistar DSP!

Vistar and Foursquare Places

The promise of programmatic is to help brands use data to make better media decisions. This requires the highest quality data, whether you are talking about GPS location data, audience segments, weather triggers or anything in between. Vistar is committed to rigorous data quality standards across all of our offerings. For programmatic OOH, having accurate data about specific locations, a.k.a. points-of-interest (POIs), is mission-critical for planning and delivering targeted campaigns.

This is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Places by Foursquare, the most comprehensive and accurate dataset of real-world businesses, landmarks, and other points of interest. Foursquare continuously updates and validates Global Places data to capture real-world changes, ensuring buyers are always making targeting decisions that reflect the most current landscape.

Buyers can now easily apply Foursquare POI targeting to plans and campaigns directly in the Vistar DSP. By partnering with Foursquare, we are providing our customers with:

  • A large catalog of high quality POI sets from a trusted source
  • Simplified purchasing of these POI sets directly through the activation platform
  • Improved POI planning and testing capabilities

We believe that advertisers should be able to create campaigns around any data that matters to their brand, so buyers will also still have the ability to upload their custom POIs at no cost.

For more information about Vistar’s full range of data-driven targeting capabilities, check out our guide to unique audience & targeting strategies for OOH.

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