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Jewelers Mutual Benefits from Year-Over-Year Success



Aliana Heffernan

Jewelers Mutual wanted to drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent for their personal jewelry insurance. Once again, they enlisted Vistar to help promote their policies to consumers who were likely to have made a recent purchase of high-value jewelry. As a result of strategic targeting, this cross-screen activation drove significant lifts across all major KPIs.

Building off the success of our initial partnership, Jewelers Mutual was able to benefit from previous campaign learnings and improve their strategy. Leveraging Vistar’s geospatial technology, we were able to define a custom audience of “Emerging Affluents — Investment Protectors.” This audience included consumers who visited high-end jewelry stores such as Pandora, Helzberg Diamonds and Tiffany & Co., and were likely to have made a purchase they would want to insure. Vistar then analyzed their movement patterns and activated digital out-of-home and mobile media where they were most likely to be throughout the day.

Jewelers Mutual ran two campaigns leveraging this targeting approach. Both campaigns proved impactful at the top of the funnel, generating lifts across awareness, consideration and purchase intent. However, all key metrics for the second campaign were significantly higher than the levels of the first. Awareness grew by 30%, consideration rose by 33%, and purchase intent increased 34%. Ultimately, this highlights the importance of sustaining media saturation in target markets year-over-year in order to drive consumers down the purchase funnel.


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