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Louis Motorcycle clothing and accessories store opening with DOOH strategy



Mahsa Sabouri

The shop opening of Louis Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories in Assen, Netherlands, was complemented by a targeted Digital out of Home (DOOH) campaign facilitated by Vistar Media. The German marketing team employed Vistar Media's DOOH DSP to strategically plan and execute the campaign.

Timing, Strategy, and Audience

The campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the new store coinciding with the MOTOGP World Championship in Assen and Groningen. The timing was carefully selected to engage motorcycle enthusiasts and amplify visibility for the new Louis shop.

Precise Placement for Maximum Impact

Strategic DOOH advertising spaces were meticulously chosen to ensure extensive coverage. These included locations along roads and at gas stations from various publishers, targeting vehicle owners. Moreover, urban panel screens were strategically positioned in Groningen's city center, accommodating the majority of MOTO GP visitors staying in hotels.

Effectiveness of DOOH DSP

The effectiveness of Vistar Media's DOOH DSP was evident in the meticulous planning and execution of the campaign. Real-time tracking and optimization capabilities contributed to maximizing visibility and effectiveness.

The Result: A Memorable Ride

This case exemplifies how advertisers can leverage exciting events as emotional drivers. Through targeted ad placement and optimal timing, Louis successfully reached a specific audience, establishing itself as a leading provider of motorcycle clothing and accessories.

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