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Enhance Your March Madness Campaign with Digital Out-of-Home



Liliana Aquino

When it comes to advertising during major sporting events, such as March Madness, brands want to make a splash and reach audiences nationwide. TV and online video spots require a significant investment in both time and money, while static placements are limited in terms of flexibility and being able to react to breaking news. Enter: programmatic digital out-of-home. Programmatic DOOH allows marketers to plan against data-based audiences and activate media based on specific factors, such as tournament updates or game locations — providing a unique opportunity to react in real-time.

To help brands run a more effective March Madness campaign, Vistar has put together strategies to leverage leading up to and throughout the tournament.

Make An Immediate Impact

With DOOH, advertisers can activate media in near real-time to reach their desired audiences based on rapidly changing circumstances, such as major team upsets or a specific team advancing past a certain round. The ability to activate creatives on short notice is crucial when running a campaign during an event like March Madness due to the fast nature and action-packed agenda of the tournament. DOOH gives marketers the opportunity to be more reactive and take advantage of the medium’s flexibility to update messaging based on breaking news. 

Incorporate Real-Time Offers:

Display your creatives in relevant DMAs to promote specific offers with impactful DOOH broadcasting. For instance, imagine your brand wants to promote a specific discount offer when a particular team wins. In contrast to static OOH, which requires a long lead-time to produce and install, DOOH allows you to react immediately.

Get The Most Out Your Existing Sponsorships

You may already have a March Madness sponsorship including heavy promotion on TV and online, but it’s important to consider how you’ll reach consumers as they’re moving throughout their daily activities. DOOH complements your existing sponsorships by extending your reach amplifying the impact of your campaign. 

There are 67 games throughout the course of March Madness. During this time, it’s important to ensure your brand reaches your audience when and where it’s most relevant. The tournament attracts much more than just college fans — there’s a significant number of potential new customers you could be engaging with. By leveraging Vistar’s powerful programmatic DOOH technology to target relevant consumers across a variety of touch points throughout their day, you’ll be able to reach qualified audiences with your brand’s March Madness campaign.

Ready to get your head in the game? Reach out to speak with a Vistar rep about how you can incorporate DOOH into your upcoming March Madness campaigns. 


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