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Matterkind Norway’s midnight horror: The Exorcist Campaign Via PDOOH



Mahsa Sabouri

In pursuit of creating an unforgettable experience for subway commuters, Matterkind Norway executed a programmatic DOOH advertising campaign for the theatrical release of “The Exorcist: Believer,” on behalf of United International Pictures Norway.


This spine-tingling campaign took place within a subway station, harnessing the tranquil nighttime atmosphere. At precisely 8 pm, an unexpected and hair-raising spectacle awaited commuters on the platform – the creepy face of a possessed girl, in the memorable style of the iconic horror movie predecessor from 1973, timely brought to life through the campaign’s ingenious implementation of DOOH technology. Carefully positioned digital screens throughout the station fueled this immersive encounter. As the clock struck 8 pm, the campaign came to life, displaying the possessed face on digital screens, creating an eerie and captivating atmosphere.


Commuters were caught off guard, resulting in heightened engagement and lively discussions on social media platforms.


The surprising experience left a lasting impression on commuters, making their regular subway trip unforgettable.


This campaign masterfully captured the attention of subway-goers, underscoring the potential of innovative advertising approaches, particularly within the realm of Programmatic DOOH. This case study underscores the influential role of creativity and strategy in crafting enduring advertising experiences.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising or gather ideas for your next DOOH campaign? Get in touch with Bart, our Regional Lead in Nordic, via email bboogaard@vistarmedia.com

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