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How to Cut through Media Clutter this Holiday Season



Aliana Heffernan

Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner?

According to Salesforce, 56% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the advertisements sent by retailers through email, text, and online in the lead up to the holidays. Fortunately, advances in technology and data offer brands the opportunity cut through the gifting season clutter and leverage quick activations with digital out-of-home media.

As Amazon continues to gobble up consumers’ holiday dollars, retailers need to think outside the box to draw shoppers to their stores. With digital screens seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives, consumers come face-to-face with DOOH media as they commute to work, work out at the gym, go shopping at the mall, and everywhere in between. DOOH allows brands to reach active shoppers along the path to purchase, at the point of purchase, and in contextual environments, helping drive foot traffic to their retail locations.

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Below we’ve shared some of the reasons why you can’t afford to exclude DOOH from your marketing mix this holiday season.

Vistar Media Holidays 2018 
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