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Media Owner Spotlight: Clear Channel Belgium



Mahsa Sabouri

In our latest media owner spotlight series, we are thrilled to highlight our partnership with Clear Channel Belgium. Clear Channel operates an extensive Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) network that exemplifies the true potential of digital advertising by maximizing and optimizing reach. This network includes over 890 screens across various formats and environments, offering an expansive inventory that covers 51% of the national market and 93% of the capital, Brussels.

To gain deeper insight into Clear Channel's offerings and our partnership, check out our interview with Clear Channel Belgium's Digital Account Manager, Edouard Mombaerts.

1. Please describe your network in 2 sentences:

Clear Channel's digital OOH solution exemplifies true digitalization by maximizing and optimizing our reach, with an expanded DOOH inventory that covers over 51% nationally. Our comprehensive national screens offering spans across various premium venues, from street to station and retail.

2. What types of screens do you have, and where can they be found?

Our programmatic inventory includes more than 890 screens across various formats (2m², 8m², and Billboards) and environments (street, stations, retail proximity, and metro entrances).

3. What regions do you operate in?

With a presence in 105 localities and 80 stations, our DOOH offering guarantees a national coverage of 51% of Belgium, and 93% coverage of the capital Brussels.

4. What audiences do you reach?

Our digital OOH solution covers 51% of the country, engaging with the Belgian population on the move, with a specific focus on an active audience of young people, travelers, and shoppers in train stations, the largest indoor pedestrian audience in Belgium. With over 12.5 million weekly visitors (25% of whom come for the sole purpose of shopping), the stations are emerging as real cultural, international, and commercial hubs.

5. What sets you apart from other digital channels?

We offer the most homogeneous and balanced national coverage of the Belgian market, with a unique presence in train stations. Our capability to offer customized, targeted, impactful, and flexible advertising solutions ensures that we meet the specific needs of our clients efficiently and effectively.

6. What is your network's main value proposition to a brand?

Our ability to deliver unparalleled reach and engagement through our expansive and strategically placed digital screens, providing brands with a robust platform to connect with diverse audiences. We offer customizable solutions tailored to specific objectives, ensuring optimal coverage, power, budget alignment, audience targeting, and media complementarity.

7. What do you wish more digital buyers knew about out-of-home?

DOOH not only captures consumers' attention but also generates meaningful action. It's an indispensable tool for brands looking to engage and influence consumers effectively, offering a unique combination of broad reach and targeted messaging that can significantly amplify the impact of their campaigns.

8. How do you see digital out-of-home evolving over the next year?

Over the next year, we expect digital out-of-home advertising to continue its rapid growth and integration with other digital channels, taking advantage of developments in data, programmatic buying, and dynamic content. The emergence of contextual data and cookieless technologies presents a significant opportunity for (D)OOH. Unlike other media losing measurability and effectiveness, (D)OOH excels in delivering relevant advertising experiences without relying on traditional tracking methods. The evolution of automated planning and buying, coupled with contextual data, enables highly impactful, efficient, and ROI-driven campaigns. In a highly digitalized world with fleeting media consumption, (D)OOH provides brands with a credible, tangible presence in the real world.

9. Is there anything else you'd like to highlight about your network?

The ongoing development of our DOOH inventory further enhances our ability to deliver highly targeted and measurable advertising solutions. Thanks to our data expertise, targeting is becoming ever more precise and refined, enabling us to deliver messages that truly resonate with audiences—providing the right message, at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience. Finally, our creative unit stimulates innovation with highly creative and interactive (D)OOH campaigns, for more impactful, relevant, and engaging advertising.

To learn more about this partnership, contact our EMEA support team at emea-support@vistarmedia.com


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