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Media Owner Spotlight: Mediacorp



Teegan Gardner

For this month’s Media Owner Spotlight, Vistar spoke to Jade Ong, Marketing and Communications Lead at Mediacorp. This interview spotlights the unique value proposition their digital network brings to the out-of-home (OOH) industry and how Mediacorp's partnership with Vistar Media is enhancing digital advertising experiences in Singapore.

Please describe your network in 2 sentences.

As Singapore’s national media network, Mediacorp’s wide coverage reaches 96% of Singaporeans weekly on our platforms across Video, Audio, Digital and Social. We also work consistently with the biggest brands ranging from key financial institutions to government agencies, FMCG and e-commerce giants, etc, to bring their messages to life and drive engagement.


What types of screens do you have, and where can they be found?

Mediacorp markets large format and digital screens around Singapore in eight locations - Bugis Street, Chinatown Point, Orchard Gateway, The Star Vista, ESR BizPark at Changi, ERA APAC Centre, Queensway Shopping Centre and People’s Park Complex; a Condominium screen network in over 100 locations across 580 digital screens; as well as On-The-Move Billboard Trucks and various ambient advertising options.


What regions do you operate in?

Operating in Singapore, Mediacorp OOH inventory reaches people all over the island across the day – where they live, travel, work, and play.


What sets you apart from other digital channels?

As the national media network, Mediacorp is the partner of choice for many brands to engage audiences within Singapore.

In response to the rapidly evolving needs of brands, Mediacorp has become a solutions collaborator, focusing on solving clients’ performance and content needs that leverage our omnichannel network strength.

Our varied OOH assets – Condominium screen network, On-The-Move Billboard Trucks and large format screens – ensure brands are placed exactly where they need to be to capture eyeballs, reaching audiences anytime, anywhere. The combination of on-ground activations to digital presence allows brands to amplify their messages from offline to online seamlessly.


What do you wish more digital buyers knew about OOH?

OOH has the ability to reach a large audience across different demographics. Its always-on approach to brand amplification ensures that there is a sense of permanence – that messages are seen 24/7 by audiences as they travel around the island, offering a cost-effective way to reach target consumers.

The versatility of OOH lends itself to be a platform of choice when it comes to brand awareness, recall and engagement.


Why did you choose Vistar as a partner?

Vistar is one of the most popular programmatic players in Singapore, delivering positive experiences for many brands and agency partners. Coupled with a strong support team that offers services that complement our solutions, it makes sense to collaborate to create better digital advertising experiences.


What has been Vistar's most valuable contribution to your business?

Through their direct sales team, Vistar has opened opportunities to work with brands who are new to the Mediacorp media network. In addition, Vistar has also provided the flexibility to our advertising and agency partners to refine campaigns when needed without creating extra operational overhead.


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