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Media owner spotlight: WOW



Stephanie Klemperer

At Vistar Media, we partner with an incredible network of media owners and are proud of the work we do to make their screens part of the world’s most serendipitous marketing moments. For our latest media owner spotlight, we’re excited to highlight our partnership with WOW.

WOW is a boutique media company that specializes in full-motion spectaculars and caters to the world's largest events surrounding LA's iconic destinations, including the 2026 NBA All-Star Game at Intuit Dome, the 2026 Fifa World Cup at Sofi Stadium, the 2027 NFL Super Bowl at Sofi Stadium and the 2028 Summer Olympics at Sofi Stadium.

To learn more about WOW’s cutting-edge approach to digital out-of-home (DOOH), check out our interview with Shawn Krantz, Chief Marketing Officer at WOW.

Please describe your network. 

WOW is what happens when you make the unforgettable, unmissable—full-motion digital spectaculars surrounding LA's iconic destinations. 

We offer a network of full-motion, 3D capable digital spectaculars that are significantly larger and 5.8 times more impactful than traditional out-of-home. All of them are completely owned and operated by WOW.  

WOW 3D Map

What types of screens do you have? 

Our network consists of:

  1. Six full-motion digital spectaculars surrounding LAX and 405 Freeway on/off ramps

  2. 10 full-motion digital spectaculars surrounding SoFi Stadium, Kia Forum and Intuit Dome

  3. Four static digital spectaculars facing north and southbound on the 405 Freeway

  4. One vertical full-motion digital spectacular en route to major stadiums


What sets you apart from other digital channels? 

  1. Strategic locations: Our inventory surrounds iconic LA destinations like LAX, SoFi Stadium, Kia Forum and the 405 Freeway.

  2. Full-motion spectaculars: We offer dynamic, high-impact visuals that create unforgettable experiences.

  3. Premium partnerships: We work exclusively with top-tier brands, including Apple, Amazon and Disney+, in a clutter-free environment.

  4. State-of-the-art technology: Our screens come with 4K resolution and our 405 Freeway spectaculars feature synchronized ambient lighting.

  5. Dynamic capabilities: We offer flexible messaging that can be changed based on trends and events, live event countdowns, social media content streaming and geo-fencing.

What do you wish more digital buyers knew about out-of-home?

The audience for digital out-of-home media can be measured and tracked just like audiences for other media channels in an omnichannel approach. Things like viewability, skippable ads and non-dynamic messaging are not headwinds for digital out-of-home media.

WOW Movie ad

Why has Vistar Media been a valuable partner?

Vistar Media has been an exceptional demand partner and innovative source of knowledge. They make it exceptionally easy to navigate deal creation and have helped us deepen our relationships with some holding companies and agencies we previously worked with. 

We plan on strengthening our business partnership to leverage some of the more advanced tools Vistar offers. As one of the clear leading demand and supply-side platforms in the ecosystem, Vistar can provide a sophisticated media company like WOW with the ability to offer scale—but with precision.


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