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Metro campaign to reduce stress in real-time for Scandinavians



Mahsa Sabouri

At subway stations all over Scandinavia, an extensive mindfulness campaign is being launched at the beginning of the new year. With the help of real-time data from Google trends Vistarmedia triggered a campaign to help millions of Scandinavians reduce stress and increase the conscious presence.

Stress epidemic. This is how the present has been described by journalists and researchers in recent years. The global research company Gallup’s annual report “Global Emotions” shows that people are experiencing more stress and anxiety than ever before. In the report, 42 percent of respondents state that they feel worried, and 41 percent are stressed. Figures from the Public Health Agency in Sweden show the same development. 

One of the methods that has proven to be most efficient against everyday stress is mindfulness and meditation. Through simple exercises, people can experience a significant difference in a short time. To make mindfulness accessible to people in stressful everyday situations, Clear Channel has developed a campaign called Metro Meditation.  

Clear Channel's exclusive platform on the subways in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo reaches millions of people every day in the middle of everyday life, and with that comes a great responsibility. Through Metro Meditation, we want to use that visibility to make a difference and contribute positively to people's well-being.

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Claes Kugelberg, Chief Commercial Officer and deputy CEO of Clear Channel Scandinavia

“The campaign will be shown at Clear Channel’s digital and classic surfaces in subways and subway stations across Scandinavia throughout the month of January. The campaign will show different mindfulness exercises the audience may do as they travel in their everyday life. The exercises are produced in collaboration with Jacob Piet, psychologist and Ph.D. in mindfulness from Aarhus University in Denmark.” 

Recent research shows that regular mindfulness training is among the most efficient methods for improving mental health and well-being. In addition, mindfulness can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. It can simply improve the ability to handle stress and anxiety in everyday life. Studies have shown that mindfulness training can create structural and functional changes in the brain. Through preventive training for the brain, you can increase your conscious presence in everyday life, and you can experience a beneficial effect in a short time. In addition, it is a simple technique that you can practice anywhere, for instance during commuting to and from work, explains Jacob Piet.

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Enhanced by real-time data with programmatic buying

To strengthen the campaign’s effect and accuracy, a real-time controlled algorithm is used, where a number of trigger words linked to stress, anxiety and irritation control the messages of campaign. When these words increase in use among Google searches, the campaign will appear more often. 

Based on available data, this technique represents a fantastic way to increase the relevance and accuracy of an outdoor campaign. Through real-time updates of this specific campaign, we ensure that we reach people when the need is greatest, concludes Kugelberg.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising or gather ideas for your next DOOH campaign? Get in touch with Bart, our Regional Lead in Nordic, via email bboogaard@vistarmedia.com

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