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New York Pizza Allows You To Order Via Out Of Home



Mahsa Sabouri

Netprofiler found an effective way to include out of home advertising in their digital mediamix. Now that programmatic is available out of home, Netprofiler can use their digital expertise to better coordinate this channel with other digital media.

For their client, New York Pizza, Netprofiler created visibility on high traffic locations across the Netherlands. But because they used very specific time-, location, and audience targeting they were still able to reach their target audience in a very effective way.

QR-code and digital out-of-home

Furthermore, they adapted the creatives depending on the venue type. In train stations, there is a much higher dwell time, so New York Pizza optimized their creatives there by adding a QR-code that allowed passersby to order their Pizza straight from the advertisement.

New York Pizza received multiple orders via this route, which shows that – when in the right context and with the right incentive – QR-codes can have an incremental value in your campaign.

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