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How Aki Technologies is elevating omnichannel marketing with DOOH



Stephanie Klemperer

At Vistar Media, we team up with a variety of companies to help brands and marketers realize the possibilities of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. One of our strategic partners in this endeavor is Aki Technologies, who is known for their expertise in activating and scaling data-driven, personalized campaigns across all digital media channels, including digital out-of-home (DOOH), for their brand clients.

To highlight this partnership, we recently connected with Brian Rosenberg, VP of Sales - DOOH, at Aki. Continue reading to learn more about Aki’s unique DOOH solution and how they leverage Vistar Media’s dynamic creative and data-driven targeting capabilities to fuel innovation in the space.  

Can you tell us about Aki Technologies?

Aki Technologies, media by Inmar Intelligence, empowers brands and retailers to reach people by targeting pivotal moments in the consumer journey with personalized advertising. 

With four personalization patents, Aki's award-winning technology dynamically tailors advertisements in the moment based on retailer, region, weather and other historical and present factors. Proprietary transaction data elevates targeting precision, allowing advertisers to reach audiences according to their buying habits, informed by an exclusive deterministic data set. Aki reaches consumers with personalized advertising during their most receptive moments across mobile, connected TV, desktop, social media and digital out-of-home. 

At Aki, we partner with an array of brands across multiple verticals, including CPG, BevAlc, QSR, Automotive, Travel & Tourism, Retail, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics and more. 

What sets you apart from other companies? 

Aki's DOOH solution reaches consumers during life’s key out-of-home moments with the most attention-grabbing creative based on when, where and how it’s displayed. What makes Aki stand out is our powerful combination of: 

  • Premium inventory with inventory insights: Aki doesn't just secure prime DOOH spots; we build direct relationships with media owners for unique data-driven opportunities. This means strategic placements for maximum impact.  

  • Personalized creative at scale: Aki doesn't just display advertisements, we curate consumer experiences. Our campaigns are optimized based on audience, viewership, and screens. We then integrate impactful, personalized variables into the creative, ensuring every encounter feels relevant and resonates deeply. This personalized approach across all digital channels, not just DOOH, is what keeps clients coming back for more.

Aki's DOOH solution delivers unparalleled results for brands seeking to connect with consumers on a deeper level. With premium placements, data-driven targeting and personalized messaging, we redefine OOH advertising for the modern age.

Why did you choose Vistar Media as a partner?

We chose Vistar Media as a partner because of their innovative technology and robust platform that seamlessly integrates with our DOOH strategy. Vistar's extensive network of premium inventory across various OOH media formats allows us to reach our target audiences more effectively and efficiently. Their advanced targeting capabilities, including precise audience targeting and real-time analytics, enable us to deliver personalized, contextually relevant advertisements that resonate with consumers during their most receptive moments. 

Additionally, Vistar's commitment to transparency and accountability aligns perfectly with our values, ensuring we can provide our clients with verifiable results and insights. Overall, partnering with Vistar enhances our ability to drive impactful DOOH campaigns that maximize engagement and return on investment for our clients. 

Why is out-of-home advertising especially effective for retail media right now?

OOH advertising has become particularly impactful for retail media in today's market due to its ability to capture the increased foot traffic as consumers return to physical stores. This high visibility in strategic locations near retail outlets drives immediate store visits and purchases. 

Additionally, DOOH advertisements benefit from localized targeting, allowing retailers to deliver personalized messages that resonate with the surrounding community. The integration of digital technologies into OOH campaigns further amplifies their effectiveness by enabling real-time updates based on current conditions like inventory levels or local events. This adaptability ensures relevancy and timeliness in messaging. 

The visually engaging nature of OOH advertisements helps reinforce brand awareness and drive engagement among potential shoppers, creating a seamless blend between offline and online marketing efforts. By promoting in-store exclusives and special events through compelling visuals, retailers can encourage immediate consumer action and enhance the overall shopping experience.

How have your clients benefited from leveraging dynamic creative? 

Aki takes personalized creative to the next level through our strategic partnership with Vistar Media. By leveraging Vistar's industry-leading dynamic creative capabilities, we can deliver highly impactful messages across a vast network of targeted DOOH screens.

This powerful combination unlocks the ability to tailor creative in real-time based on factors like screen location, time of day and even weather conditions. Our award-winning creative team then takes these insights and crafts personalized messages that resonate deeply with each audience.

This commitment to cross-screen personalization extends beyond DOOH, ensuring consistent and impactful messaging across all digital touchpoints. As a result, clients experience stronger partnerships with Aki and achieve a new level of campaign success.

What other strategies have been effective for your OOH campaigns?

What we find to be most effective is including OOH as a medium alongside other channels, such as mobile, CTV and social media. By including a holistic approach, you ensure your message truly resonates during the moments that the consumer is most receptive. We’ve proven this to be effective many times, such as our campaign with Gatorade where our multichannel approach resulted in an increased sales lift. You can learn more about this campaign here: https://vimeo.com/835635426 

What benefits have you gained from partnering with Vistar Media?

Imagine a world where your DOOH advertising is as dynamic and personalized as online campaigns. Aki and Vistar Media’s strategic partnership makes this a reality without compromising on campaign engagement, effectiveness, brand experiences or innovation at scale. Here’s how: 

  • Vistar's dynamic creative capabilities allow for real-time adjustments based on factors like location, time of day, and weather, and Aki's award-winning creative team turns these insight signals into personalized messages that resonate with each audience segment. Together, our uniquely crafted targeting approach drives higher engagement and campaign effectiveness.
  • Our joint capacity to personalize and integrate DOOH campaigns with various digital channels ensures consistent messaging across all consumer touchpoints. This approach, encompassing DOOH, mobile, and web, sustains a unified brand experience and nurtures strong client relationships based on trust and successful outcomes.
  • Vistar’s expansive DOOH network, paired with Aki’s strategic know-how, streamlines campaign management while driving cutting-edge personalized messaging and data-driven targeting.

In conclusion, the Aki and Vistar Media partnership offers a game-changing solution for marketers and agencies. By combining personalized DOOH with seamless cross-screen integration, we empower you to create impactful campaigns that drive results and strengthen client relationships.

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