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Private Marketplace Deals Made Easy with Vistar’s New Deals Discovery



Aliana Heffernan

Transacting in the digital out-of-home landscape has long been a challenge for the industry. Its why Vistar has dedicated so much of our business to making the process as seamless as possible. However, with the new Deals Discovery, buyers can now explore Private Marketplace Deals (PMPs) curated by the world’s largest DOOH media owners from a single access point.

With the addition of this new tool, media owners and buyers alike are taking notice.

“The ability to offer curated packages to a broad array of digital teams, as well as develop custom one-to-one PMP deals, makes it even easier for us to engage with buyers on their terms,” says Greg Glenday, CEO of Adspace.

But let’s take a step back and breakdown what this all means. PMP deals allow programmatic marketers to combine the efficiency of automated buying with the ability to negotiate custom deals with publishers. Vistar’s Deals Discovery storefront allows out-of-home media owners to highlight custom offerings of their unique inventory directly to buyers. Therefore, buyers can tailor criteria to meet their specific needs, and media owners maintain control and transparency, while gaining a new channel to market their offerings to the world’s largest buyers.

According to Garrett Dale, SVP of Kepler Group, “Simplifying the ad marketplace is at the core of programmatic’s promise. Vistar’s Deal Discovery PMP tool does just that, reducing transactional friction, creating operational efficiencies for our team, while brands get customized media plans with delivery priority.”

By offering a streamlined way to navigate the DOOH marketplace, buyers now have the transparency and time-saving solution they need to deliver robust campaigns.   

“Automated, data-driven buying of digital out-of-home is poised to help advertisers reach consumers in new and creative ways that deepen personalization and storytelling without losing mass-scale or brand safety,” says Bryan Seltzer, Senior Director, National Brand Accounts, Ad Cloud. “We’re excited to collaborate with Vistar to make that possible via Adobe Advertising Cloud.”

To learn more about Vistar’s Deals Discovery, please read the full press release or direct inquiries to our Contact Us page.

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