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Product Spotlight: Mediation for Programmatic DOOH



Leslie Lee

 Since launching mediation in August, Vistar's media owner partners have seen great results in consolidating how they access demand and fostering more competition between buyers. Mediation connects Vistar’s ad server to multiple SSPs and hosts a unified auction for each available ad spot, ensuring that ad impressions are sold at the best possible price.

How might mediation help you and your digital out-of-home network? Read below!

Reduce your team’s technical burden with out-of-the-box connections to multiple SSPs

Integrating with SSPs takes time, effort, and resources. We should know – we’ve facilitated more than 180 media owner integrations to date. Even once these connections are built and tested, maintenance and health monitoring can divert your resources away from growing your network’s revenue. With mediation, you get access to out-of-the-box certified connections with all of Vistar’s SSP partners. Vistar manages and maintains these integrations so your tech team doesn’t have to. Your existing integration with Vistar is all you need to get started.


Drive yield through unified auctions comparing all demand based on price

If you are holding waterfall auctions or dedicating individual spots to individual SSPs, you are likely leaving demand and higher CPMs on the table. Maximize your yield by letting all demand sources see every available ad opportunity, competing for each spot based on price. Through mediation, all demand sources compete on a level playing field for every available spot, delivering you the highest CPM. 


Simplify operations though a single source of reporting for all SSPs 

Managing your revenue is difficult when there is no single source of truth. You should be able to quickly answer how your network is performing today without logging into multiple platforms or building in-house tools to consolidate your reporting. With mediation, you can view, export, and compare revenue from all demand sources in one place. 


Improve your business intelligence through Vistar’s best in class analytics platform 

A unified auction for inventory is a powerful step toward higher yield, but without visibility into the details of the auction there is little action you can take. With mediation, you get access to Vistar’s best in class analytics tool, which provides full transparency into all demand and auctions conducted in the marketplace  gives you the ability to easily analyze your data and put it to work for your network.


Don’t just take our word for it!


It's been great, working flawlessly.

There is a measurable lift in revenue and a measurable lift in CPM.

We’re able to see how price sensitive buyers and advertisers are now that all the bids are flowing through a unified pipe. As we continue to onboard more partners we should be able to truly understand how elastic bid behavior is with pricing changes.

It’s helpful to be able to log into one place and see top level reporting data in one clip (re: auction analytics).


Frequently Asked Questions

I have an integration with Vistar's SSP. Do I need to do any additional technical work to access mediation?

No! Both Vistar's ad server and mediation utilize the same technical integration as Vistar's SSP, so your current SSP integration is all you need to get started with mediation.

Do I need to manage my direct business through Vistar's ad server in order to access Vistar's mediation offering?

No! While mediation is a feature of Vistar’s ad server, you can use mediation without using Vistar’s ad server to manage your direct business.  

How do I activate mediation?

The Vistar team can quickly activate mediation on your behalf! We’ll just need to confirm a few small items. Reach out to your dedicated publisher account manager or support@vistarmedia.com to get started! 


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