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How programmatic DOOH targets audiences in a changing world



Marissa Bernstein

To ensure our brand partners are armed with the data and insights they need, Vistar has been analyzing movement patterns and changing behaviors to better understand what consumers are doing and how brands can reach them through digital out-of-home. 

A few of the top questions our clients have come to us with include: Where is my audience? How can I target consumers as conditions change? Which venue types can I activate to reach consumers as they move through their daily routines?

In reality, the audience you care about reaching is likely still going out and about, even if their behavior and purchasing patterns have changed. Think about the people who are starting to commute to work, the millennial wanderlusters who are experiencing WFH fatigue, and health & wellness enthusiasts who are taking to the outdoors and discovering new ways to stay balanced.

Thanks to the variety of DOOH inventory that exists today — from screens inside grocery stores and doctor’s offices to roadside billboards and urban panels — no matter where your audiences are spending time, there are ways to reach them. Several of our brand partners are thinking outside the box and tapping into new consumer behaviors to evolve their marketing strategies.


Let’s dive a bit deeper into an audience example

Weekend Escapists might be defined as working-from-home millennials who would typically be planning summer travel, traveling to weddings and spending weekends with large groups of friends. Instead, in these times, they are shifting behaviors to local and regional travel, if traveling at all, exploring non-flight getaway options, and generally looking for some type of “escape” from their WFH setup (their desks).

What they care about

Recreating experiences that were/are impossible during social distancing; socializing with friends, even if in modified ways; staying entertained; finding new & exciting outdoor activities


What they’re doing

Going to ski resorts and parks; socializing with friends and family outdoors; taking weekend road trips (getting gas, stopping at drive-thrus, etc.); shopping for groceries and cleaning supplies

What they’re buying

Car rentals, new personal vehicles and gas; Airbnb, VRBO or other short-term rentals; groceries and cleaning supplies for weekend trips; CPG products & alcohol (wine, beer & spirits)

Where you can reach them

Billboards, taxi and rideshare tops, ski resorts, urban panels, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and liquor stores

As you can see, audiences haven’t vanished — they’ve just changed their behaviors. By analyzing consumer movement patterns and anticipated behaviors, Vistar is here to help marketers determine how to effectively reach their new personas as they navigate through the physical world.

If you are interested in learning more about how Vistar's technology works or would like to gain insights about a specific target audience, please reach out using the button below.


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