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Brands Reach Shifting DOOH Audiences with Programmatic Tech



Marissa Bernstein

To ensure our brand partners are armed with the tools they need, Vistar is analysing movement patterns and changing behaviors to better understand what consumers are doing and how brands can reach them through DOOH.

Vistar’s patented technology is the only system to build segments for programmatic audience targeting accounting for both location AND time. While other providers may leverage location data based only on location, without a time component, this results in delivery of wasted impressions. Let's explore this further...

How a Global Technology Powerhouse is Leveraging Vistar to Shift Its OOH Strategy During the Pandemic

In 2019, a global technology powerhouse tapped Vistar to build a custom audience of IT Decision Makers and target them with DOOH as they move throughout the day. After a successful first campaign, the brand wanted to leverage the same audience — understanding and adapting their Australia-based DOOH strategy to how the movement patterns of this same segment may be different during the pandemic.


An image comparing the DOOH footprint from 2019 and 2020

  • As you can see, there has been a significant shift in the way the IT Decision Maker audience is moving throughout Australia today — with the heat dispersed to broader areas due to travel restrictions and more people working from home. 
  • There is a significant amount of "heat" in 2020, showing professionals who used to work in the city business districts are very much still out and about — they are just staying local. Brands must think about how their audience is acting today and adjust their buys accordingly. 
  • Regardless of these time or location shifts, Vistar’s technology analyzes when and where consumers are moving, and activates DOOH screens only when your audience has the highest likelihood to be there.


Vistar has the proper tools in place to ensure marketers reach their desired audiences at the right time and right place. The Vistar platform makes it easy for clients to apply real data and smartly target under changing COVID-19 restrictions.

Interested in understanding how your target audience is moving differently today, and how you can best reach them with DOOH? Vistar can help across the US, UK, Canada and Australia!


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