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Vistar Media Named as Top Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger

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Vistar Media Named as Top Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger

Vistar Media Named as Top Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger

Vistar Media has been recognized for the second year in a row by AdExchanger, as a Top Programmatic Power Player in both the Programmatic Strategy and Out-of-Home categories. For their guide to the best in the biz, AdExchanger editors combed through and analyzed hundreds of submissions - including range of capabilities, documented case studies and client references - to declare the companies and partners that truly stand out.

What makes Vistar unique?

With the out-of-home and mobile consumer in mind, Vistar’s proprietary programmatic technology was built to enhance every transaction in the physical world with data, measurement and automation. It’s important to note that Vistar has built real technology which sits on all sides of the OOH ecosystem, providing different benefits to different stakeholders. The end result is a powerful solution that brings the benefits of digital to a traditional medium, while also recognizing and appreciating the nuances that make OOH unique. Through our global reach, direct platform integrations, data partnerships, and complete technology stack, Vistar Media continues to power innovation and growth across the entire digital out-of-home industry. 

The Vistar DSP:

 Vistar’s DSP offers the most advanced capabilities for programmatic out-of-home in the market. Our platform, built for the nuances of buying out-of-home, unifies workflows for buying DOOH in one easy-to-use platform and provides advertisers with unprecedented scale, advanced targeting, creative capabilities and exposure-based measurement. 

Vistar’s Supply-Side Tech:

A digital signage network built for the future needs three main components - great infrastructure, the ability to manage ads and content on your screens, and a connection to programmatic revenue. Vistar has solutions for each of these — providing media owners with a full-stack offering that is built for success. 

Interested in learning more about Vistar Media or programmatic OOH? Connect with us!

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