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Q&A with Patrick Pleiss, Co-Founder at Hyperlocology



Leslie Lee

We recently sat down with Patrick Pleiss, Co-Founder of Hyperlocology, to discuss his successful multi-location marketing platform, as well as the positive impact DOOH has had on his clients’ marketing strategies. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:


Q: Why has it been important for your team to bring digital out-of-home (DOOH) into the media mix for your clients?

A: The Hyperlocology platform is designed to empower franchise brands with the ability to execute and monitor per-location, brand aligned digital marketing across the most powerful advertising channels.

An integration with Vistar Media helps the brands we partner with by providing a solution that can drive awareness and introduce potential new customers to a brand’s consideration funnel. Our brand clients can now easily access and execute DOOH campaigns through one centralized programmatic platform.


Q: How does programmatic out-of-home (OOH) fit into your clients’ broader marketing strategies?

A: Our customers consist of multi-location / franchise brands. They rely on our platform to provide individualized marketing on a per-location basis across the most sophisticated marketing channels (Vistar, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Waze, Yelp…you name it). DOOH is a perfect medium to satisfy the needs of both the brand as well as their franchisees. DOOH is both highly impactful and inherently local, aligning perfectly with the other channel strategies these brands employ. 

Q:Can you share some examples of programmatic DOOH activations that you’ve helped bring to life for your clients?


A: JINYA Ramen Bar needed to make a splash for a recent grand opening, and we recommended activating DOOH in anticipation of the new locations. We lit up the area with OOH messaging to prepare people in the area for the new JINYA location. JINYA loved the strategy and now wants to include DOOH media on grand openings into all new markets. This is a perfect application of DOOH - creating mass awareness but within very specific locations, building excitement, and ultimately driving foot traffic to the restaurant.

Conquesting is also super important when going into new markets. Our brands like to surround competitor locations to drive those consumers to the new brand locations.

We have now integrated DOOH as an upper-funnel tactic into all Grand Opening campaigns for the brand.


Q: How have brands received the idea of DOOH and what education has been required?

A: Our clients - franchisees - are working with a pile of limitations and sometimes restrictions.  They are looking for guidance on how to best execute marketing strategies within those guardrails. Until now, OOH media was fairly inaccessible. Programmatic technology has really unlocked this channel, and we are just now starting to see the tip of the iceberg from a demand and results perspective.

Many brands are aware of the OOH medium as it is in their face in the local markets. They understand the value of continuing to feed the funnel for their business, versus only focusing on lower-funnel tactics, but it’s traditionally been really difficult for multi-location businesses to effectively plan and buy OOH to satisfy per-location needs. Programmatic unlocks this capability for this set of business owners and is a huge opportunity in our eyes.


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