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Top Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Drives a 111% Lift in Visitation With DOOH



Marissa Bernstein

When it comes to reaching your audience effectively, QSR DOOH is the key. From screens in grocery stores to billboards, digital out-of-home (DOOH) is everywhere.

In this spotlight, a prominent quick service restaurant (QSR) embraced programmatic OOH to achieve remarkable results during the pandemic.

Increasing Store Visits with DOOH

This leading QSR chain in Canada aimed to raise awareness of its rewards program and drive foot traffic to its stores. To adapt to the times, the restaurant partnered with Vistar Media to launch a strategic DOOH campaign.

In a world with COVID-19 concerns and reduced indoor dining, the QSR had to find innovative ways to entice customers. Leveraging DOOH, they promoted their new rewards program and the convenience of their mobile app for safe ordering and pickup.

What makes programmatic buying beautiful is its adaptability. The QSR brand harnessed data to target a custom behavioral audience based on visits to competitor restaurants. Their impactful QSR DOOH messaging appeared in various venues, both indoors and outdoors – billboards, bus shelters, urban panels, apartment buildings, office buildings, and convenience stores. The outcome? An impressive +111% surge in store visitation.

For a deeper dive into the campaign and valuable insights, download the complete case study below.


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