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QSR DOOH advertisement in urban walking street


Top QSR Taps DOOH, Driving 111% Lift in Visitation During the Pandemic

QSR DOOH advertisement in urban walking street

From screens inside grocery stores and doctor’s offices, to roadside billboards and urban panels, digital out-of-home (DOOH) has the ubiquity to effectively reach your audience — no matter where they are spending their time. 

Many of our brand partners are thinking outside the box and tapping into today’s behaviors to evolve their marketing strategies. Today, the spotlight is on a leading quick service restaurant (QSR) who leaned into programmatic OOH to drive real results during the pandemic. 


Increasing Store Visits with DOOH

Aiming to drive awareness of its rewards program and increase foot traffic to store locations across Canada, a leading quick service restaurant chain enlisted Vistar Media to help activate a strategic DOOH campaign. 

With COVID-19 concerns high and indoor dining understandably low, it was essential for the restaurant to find new ways to encourage customers to visit the restaurant. Taking to DOOH, the initiative promoted a new rewards program and ease of the company’s mobile app to get more consumers to safely order and pick up their food.

The brand understood that this year’s campaign would look different from years past, and that’s exactly the beauty of programmatic buying — they could truly make data-informed marketing decisions. By utilizing a custom behavioral audience based on visits to competitive restaurants, this QSR brand activated impactful DOOH messaging across a variety of venue types, both indoor and outdoor. Running ads across billboards, bus shelters, urban panels, apartment buildings, office buildings and convenience stores ultimately resulted in an immense +111% lift in store visitation for the restaurant.

For more campaign details and key insights, download the full case study below.


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