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How to Reach Voters During the 2020 Election Season



Kerry Coppinger

With the 2020 election season now in full swing, political strategists are working hard to reach constituents in the most compelling and innovative ways. 

Following the success of other trailblazing digital campaigns, politicians are utilizing targeted online channels to get in front of their increasingly on-the-go audience. However, with the introduction of ad blockers and the heightened scrutiny of digital platforms, even these more sophisticated methods are becoming difficult to navigate.  

The question then becomes – how can political advertisers most effectively spend the +$6.5 billion advertising dollars allocated towards the election?

Enter: programmatic digital out-of-home.

Lightyears ahead of traditional out-of-home, programmatic DOOH provides advertisers the same level of audience targeting that they have come to expect from digital channels, with the added reach of a one-to-many medium. Not to mention, programmatic technology allows for quick activations and real-time messaging, so advertisers can react to the rapidly changing news cycle that surrounds this political climate. 

In our latest guide, you’ll discover: 

  • How to avoid digital fraud and reach constituents in a trustworthy way 
  • Ways to utilize your first-party data (including voter files and donation history)
  • Ideas for gaining traction across the entire voter journey — from increasing awareness, to driving donations, and retargeting voters up until the moment they make their decision and beyond

If you’re looking for strategies to reach constituents through a channel they notice and trust, download the guide by clicking the button below.

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