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4 Benefits of Using DOOH for Quick Activations



Kerry Coppinger

One of the key perks of programmatic out-of-home is the ability to activate campaigns very quickly. This is especially helpful for brands who frequently need to change creatives, react to breaking news, or give a campaign that last minute push. In this article we'll cover 4 benefits of making an impact instantly with DOOH technology. 


1. Quick Activations Cut Through the Clutter

If your brand is looking for a fast way to reach your audience, there are few channels that stack up to digital out-of-home. While other channels are cluttered with content, digital out-of-home reaches the right people at the right time. Let's consider a real-world example. 

Example: Reaching Consumers Quickly During Highly Competitive Times 

Consider an apparel brand facing a sharp increase in the amount of competitive messaging in the days leading up to Black Friday. The over-saturation of TV, print, and display leaves room for a brand to shine in digital out-of-home. Retailers can quickly reach active shoppers with targeted messaging, across the variety of digital screens that exist as consumers move throughout their day, driving them to the brand’s locations and away from competitor’s stores.

2. Keep the Same Level of Targeting & Precision

Advances in data and technology now allow brands to smartly reach their audiences where they will be, as they go about their daily activities, through DOOH. Vistar’s advanced targeting capabilities allow marketers to activate DOOH campaigns that hit specific audiences quickly and effectively.

Example: Promote Audience-Specific Content on Certain Days 

Think about the restaurants and other businesses that run certain promotions only when a specific sports team wins the day’s game. Marketers can now leverage the power of DOOH to quickly and effectively turn on situational creatives and timely messaging in relevant locations.

3. Extend the Impact of Your Campaigns 

DOOH is an essential extension of your existing strategy when you’re already activating across display, video or mobile. When people are outside, on their way to and from work, at the gym, or in a mall, you lose most advertising access points. However, DOOH boosts impact while reaching consumers beyond their devices.

Example: Target Based on Movement Patterns 

What about an entertainment client who wants to reach avid comic book readers for an upcoming superhero franchise? DOOH can help move the needle. By targeting just the right audience at just the right time, based on the movement patterns of those who frequently visit comic store locations, they’ll be able to make a huge splash in time for the movie premiere.

4. Save Time & Money 

Buying OOH used to require advertisers to plan months in advance, but no longer. Today’s technology allows you to upload assets electronically and schedule campaigns in near real-time.

Example: Running a Campaign for a Limited Time

A coffee chain may have a campaign running for a limited time offer and want to see a final burst of advertising to increase sales. As a result of being able to turn on a campaign within a short period of time, DOOH allows brands to promote these deals and stay top-of-mind, even if the flight length is only a week long.

Ultimately, DOOH offers marketers the opportunity to leverage the quick activations and advanced targeting capabilities, with the added benefits of a one-to-many medium.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can make an immediate impact with DOOH? Download our resource below.


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