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Ready to Reopen? Get Back to Business with Digital Out-of-Home



Marissa Bernstein

As communities reopen and restrictions ease, businesses need to let customers know that their doors are open. For the retailers, restaurants, banks, entertainment venues, gyms and all other companies that had to temporarily close down or shift their services during the peak of COVID-19, we’re sharing our top DOOH strategies for reaching people as they re-engage with their neighborhoods.

Top DOOH Strategies for Re-Engaging Office Goers

1. As circumstances continue to evolve, businesses can broadcast the openings of their brick and mortar locations through short-run announcement campaigns. With Vistar, there are no long-term commitments required, and your media can be up and running in no time. 

2. Activate DOOH and mobile media within a given radius of your physical locations as each one opens up — or surround your competitors’ to redirect customers back to your stores.

3. Tailor your creatives based on the ‘open’ status of your stores or to highlight specific messages or promotions. A huge benefit of programmatic OOH is that you can deploy several different messaging across different screens in varying locations — all in one campaign.

4. With 80% of Vistar’s inventory accepting video assets, DOOH can serve as a seamless extension of your TV, CTV or online video strategy. DOOH is a cost efficient and brand-safe way to utilize your existing creative to grab the attention of consumers in the physical world.

5. Communicate with more than just marketing. Consider combining gratitude messages (to essential workers or supporting patrons) with your reopening announcements, as applicable, or showcasing any changes you’ve made to ensure safety while consumers are in-store or on premise. Showing care and appreciation can go a long way during these unnerving times!

For more tips on how to smartly reactivate your DOOH campaigns, download our Reopening Guide.

If you are interested in setting up your campaign or would like more help strategizing: 


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