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DOOH Drives 97% Lift in Foot Traffic for Major Retail Bank



Aliana Heffernan

According to a report published by Econsultancy, “targeting, personalization and customer journey management are the highest priorities for FSI (financial services industry) marketers.” With the rise of fintech competition, established financial services brands are beginning to embrace innovative strategies to strengthen their customer relationships. For some brands, this includes incorporating digital out-of-home into their marketing campaigns.

Recently, a major banking institution opened a flagship branch and wanted to drive foot traffic to the new location. To help generate a buzz, the bank chose to work with Vistar Media in order to reach their target audience and run a cross-screen campaign.

Vistar created an audience of “modern optimists” and analyzed their movement patterns to find the audience’s most frequently visited locations, outside the home. This audience was defined as people who work in media or tech and visit stores like Warby Parker and Bonobos.

We then activated digital out-of-home media against qualified audiences and re-engaged consumers exposed to the DOOH ads on their mobile devices. This tactic of real-world retargeting helped to amplify the impact of campaign exposure, bringing this bank to top-of-mind for the desired customer.

Foot traffic increased 68% by mid-campaign. Based on performance learnings, Vistar optimized impression delivery to boost lift even further. Post-campaign, lift in foot traffic reached 97%.  

In addition to the lift in foot traffic, branch location awareness experienced a 270% lift, consideration a 78% lift, and intent to open an account a 30% lift.

Graph of consideration, awareness and foot traffic results from DOOH campaign

Ultimately, cross-screen exposure amplified location awareness, intent to open accounts, and foot traffic to the flagship branch, showcasing the complementary strength of mobile and digital out-of-home media to boost key performance indicators. Further, consumers exposed to media at two or more different venue types had a higher propensity to visit the new branch location, indicating that reaching a consistent audience across various environments leads to increased foot traffic.


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