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Score Big with McDonald’s: The Cross-Media DCO Campaign During EURO 2024



Mahsa Sabouri

In collaboration with OMD Schweiz AG, APG, Goldbach Neo and Drop8, Vistar Media proudly launched a groundbreaking cross-media dynamic creative optimization (DCO) campaign. This initiative connected Swiss football fans with McDonald’s "1CHF-Hamburger" promotion during EURO 2024, bringing real-time excitement and unbeatable offers to the heart of the action.

The Goal

McDonald's primary goal was to create an immersive and dynamic advertising experience that kept Swiss football fans engaged with live match updates and enticing offers. By integrating real-time data into the digital out-of-home (DOOH) creative assets, the campaign aimed to enhance the user experience and drive traffic to McDonald’s restaurants during EURO match days.

Campaign Strategy

Integrating Real-Time Sports Data

The campaign leveraged an advanced DCO strategy, seamlessly integrating live match scores and advertising content into online and public digital out-of-home (DOOH) platforms. This ensured fans stayed updated with real-time information and exclusive burger deals throughout the Swiss national team’s match days.

Engaging High-Traffic Locations

Key high-traffic locations, such as Zurich HB and Lausanne-Gare stations, featured dynamic advertisements on APG screens. These spots, known for their heavy footfall, maximized the campaign’s visibility. The Goldbach Neo network’s premium street and public transport screens further extended the campaign’s reach and impact.

Online Presence

Complementing its outdoor strategy, McDonald's also targeted online audiences. Large banners on mobile and desktop platforms kept Swiss fans informed about the latest match scores and the "1CHF-Hamburger" promotion. This multi-channel approach ensured comprehensive coverage across several mediums, reaching fans wherever they were throughout the day.

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Winning Results

High Engagement

The campaign kicked off with the UEFA match against Hungary, featuring a countdown from midnight. This build-up creative messaging primed fans for the game, resulting in heightened anticipation, engagement and association of McDonald's with EURO 2024.

Dynamic Updates

Throughout the matches, a live data feed updated advertising content with current scores, maintaining relevance and excitement, and keeping fans up-to-date with the latest scores. Post-game creatives dynamically adjusted to reflect the match outcomes, ensuring the advertising content stayed fresh and relevant.

Technical Excellence

This technically-demanding approach marked the first time such a DCO strategy was deployed in Switzerland. Vistar Media’s creative studio ensured the seamless production and functionality of the dynamic OOH advertising assets. The integration of real-time data sets new standards in outdoor advertising.


The collaboration between Vistar Media, OMD Schweiz AG, APG, Goldbach Neo and Drop8 successfully demonstrated the power of real-time data integration in outdoor advertising. The campaign not only kept fans informed and engaged but also created a unique and memorable user experience. This innovative approach highlights the potential of DCO strategies in setting new benchmarks for dynamic and interactive advertising.

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