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Targeted Programmatic DOOH Elevates Starbucks Chilled Sales



Mahsa Sabouri

To promote their campaign in the UK for Starbucks Chilled, Starbucks used DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) as their campaign strategy. In collaboration with Vistarmedia, their in-house team independently planned , purchased, and optimized a highly effective DOOH campaign. Circana also played a pivotal role in measuring sales uplift, demonstrating the campaign's success.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Utilize DOOH advertising for enhanced brand visibility.
  • Drive sales growth by targeting key supermarket catchment areas.

Campaign Strategy:

Leveraging data analysis, Circana identified prime locations within the catchment areas of selected supermarkets. This data-driven approach ensured that Starbucks Chilled ads reached the right audience in high-traffic locations.

Sales Uplift Measurement:

Circana's role extended to measuring sales uplift by comparing product and category performance in the campaign areas against an independent control area.

Impressive  Results:

  • The programmatic DOOH campaign led to a substantial 13% increase in sales.
  • The campaign effectively showcased the capabilities of Vistarmedia's platform for planning, buying, and optimizing DOOH campaigns.


This case study highlights the immense potential of programmatic DOOH advertising when executed effectively. Starbucks Chilled's debut pDOOH campaign in the UK, powered by Vistarmedia's platform and optimized by Circana, resulted in impressive sales growth and showcased the platform's capabilities.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising or gather ideas for your next DOOH campaign? Get in touch with Bart, our Regional Lead in Nordic, via email bboogaard@vistarmedia.com.


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