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The DOOH Facts & Figures You Need to Know



Aliana Heffernan

Digital out-of-home is undergoing a major transformation. From digital signage making its way into more places and spaces in our environments, to advances in data and technology providing more sophisticated ways to activate outdoor media campaigns, you could say DOOH “is like the internet of 15 years ago.” 

However, the breakneck pace at which things are changing makes it hard for even those in the industry to stay in the know! To help you catch up to speed, we collected “7 Digital Out-of-Home Statistics You Should Know & What They Mean.”

In this OOH fact sheet, we’ve pulled together the most important trends in outdoor advertising, digital signage and programmatic. Our fact sheet provides you with the latest insights, including how OOH fits into the overall advertising landscape and how consumers are engaging with this unique channel.

As a sneak peak, we’re taking a deep dive into just one of the interesting reports we came across. 

63% of media planners would be more likely to recommend DOOH when it is available to buy programmatically 

According to a recent survey by the DPAA, 63% of respondents said they are aware that DOOH can be bought programmatically – a dramatic shift from just 39% in 2016. 

The level of awareness among digital buyers demonstrates how far we’ve come in regards to programmatic DOOH education, but it also shows how much further we have to go. Buyers’ preference towards programmatic is a clear indicator that for DOOH to continue to grow, digital and automated buying methods must be adopted industry-wide. 

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