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Top 3 Digital Out-of-Home Strategies for Moms, Dads and Grads Advertisers



Liliana Aquino

Have you started to think of ways your brand can reach consumers around moms, dads, and grads moments this year? Whether you’re looking to target a certain audience with specific messaging or customize your creatives in the time leading up to each celebration, digital out-of-home enables you to implement different strategies based on your marketing needs.

We’ve identified some of the most effective strategies, available through Vistar, that you can implement for your upcoming moms, dads and grads campaigns:

Swap Creatives Quickly & Easily

Vistar’s platform allows you to trigger media when and where your brand needs to be. Unlike traditional OOH, DOOH lets you swap out creatives quickly — ensuring your messaging is both timely and relevant.

For example, a casual dining restaurant will want to deploy different eye-catching creatives for each of these special moments. Mother’s Day creatives may showcase three generations of women enjoying a meal together, while Father’s Day creatives may display a dad and son enjoying a sports game at the restaurant together.


Target the Right Audience at the Right Time & Place 

Thanks to the technological evolution happening in OOH, advertisers are able to take a closer look at consumers’ behaviors and movement patterns, and leverage these insights for their DOOH campaigns. Vistar’s advanced data solutions allow you to select from existing curated audiences or create custom audiences based on specific criteria.

For instance, let’s say you’re a car advertiser looking to target people who might be interested in buying a car around graduation season. Two audiences you’d likely target are parents who have children going away to college and recent college graduates starting their first jobs. Using location-based and 3rd-party data, Vistar makes it possible to target audiences such as “Parents From Wealthy Neighborhoods” or “Young Professionals” — and activate media only when and where these consumers are likely to be throughout the day. 


Drive Traffic to Your Brick & Mortar Locations With Proximity Targeting

When trying to drive shopping in-store, proximity targeting can be an effective strategy. Advertisers have the ability to set a radius around their brand’s retail locations – or around competitors’ locations – and activate media to reach on-the-go consumers.

For example, a jewelry brand looking to advertise around Mother’s Day might look to run media within a 2-mile radius of their stores in order to encourage consumers to buy a gift for the mothers in their lives. Vistar’s platform enables your brand to easily set this radius around your desired DOOH venues.


Get the Most Accurate Measurements

Finding a way to measure against your KPIs is crucial to any campaign. From brand or product awareness, to foot traffic or sales lift, Vistar’s ability to capture OOH exposure data allows brands to measure the success of their DOOH campaign across the entire marketing funnel.


Reaching your target audience doesn’t have to be hard. With Vistar’s programmatic technology, you’re able to target curated audiences and trigger media at the most relevant places — as well as measure the performance of your campaign to prove ROI. 

Want to learn more about the unique capabilities of DOOH? Download our Audience & Targeting Strategies Guide for DOOH.

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