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14 digital out-of-home advertising examples that will inspire you



Hannah Lyder

Combining larger-than-life screens with dynamic and 3D content makes digital out-of-home advertising one of the most creative advertising channels in the game. It's where technology meets imagination, and the possibilities are (nearly) endless.

But here's the thing – it's not just about the "wow" moment. To be truly unforgettable, every campaign should be tailored to a brand’s unique goals, whether it's driving foot traffic, building brand awareness, or sparking a conversation.

Need some inspiration? Here are 14 digital out-of-home advertising examples that show how different brands have leveraged DOOH. From thought-provoking campaigns that elicit emotions to clever, immersive experiences, these examples will show you the true power of out-of-home.

1) The NBA: Real-time playoff updates, no sports app required 

The NBA - DOOH campaign

For the 75th anniversary playoffs, the NBA launched a digital out-of-home campaign throughout the United States to build up excitement with current fans, and grab the attention of potential viewers. The sports organization used dynamic creative capabilities to target cities with advertisements that incorporated local game countdowns, live scores and even live tweets from fans. Not only did their tune-in intent increase by 25%, they also gained 7% in brand awareness, bringing in millions of potential viewers. 

Why we love it: 

  • Automation at its finest: The use of dynamic creative made this campaign highly personalized with only one ad template per creative. The DOOH DSP did the rest, making the campaign scalable to the entire country with minimal effort.

  • Well-timed takeovers: The NBA strategically planned takeovers in locations like Times Square on key game days leading up to tipoff.

  • A dynamic-duo: The NBA coordinated its outdoor strategy with its Twitter (now X) strategy - launching full takeovers at the same time so that they simply couldn’t be ignored.

  • Paving a two-way street: By including fan tweets on digital signage, the NBA turned a one-way, traditional advertising channel into something their audience could interact with. 

> Learn more about this campaign


2) DoorDash: Keeping up with audiences on the move  

DoorDash - DOOH campaign

DoorDash, the local commerce delivery platform, has always had an innovative approach to marketing. In this digital out-of-home campaign, the brand used the advantages of digital out-of-home to keep the campaign fresh, relevant and effective. With messaging that spoke directly to their audience, they increased intent to sign up as a Dasher by +6%. The campaign even increased consideration to work for DoorDash by 22%. 

Why we love it: 

  • Adaptation at its finest: DoorDash made real-time optimizations to target markets, increasing their reach in lower performing locations and ensuring their message reached those who needed to hear it most.
  • Keep it interesting: Through a blend of static and video ads, they crafted messages that spoke directly to its audience, emphasizing the ease, immediacy and earning potential of the app.
  • It’s all about context: Instead of focusing on a few large screens, DoorDash served their ads programmatically, increasing their reach and appearing in areas that were relevant to their brand.
  • From offline to online: DoorDash connected their mobile and outdoor advertising by retargeting those that were exposed to their digital signage and serving ads to them on their mobile devices. 

> Learn more about this campaign


3) Mad Mex: Breaking away from the norm

Place-based Mad Mex DOOH signage-1

Mad Mex, an Australian-based Mexican restaurant chain, wanted to bring hungry consumers into the door using advertising as fresh and funky as their menu. The brand launched a digital out-of-home campaign that leveraged their own sales data to find their audience throughout the day, appearing in retail malls, grocery stores, street furniture, and urban panels throughout Australia. By the end of the campaign, 2.9M consumers were exposed and Mad Mex saw a 9% increase in sales. 

Why we love it: 

  • Data-driven precision: To make sure Mad Mex hit their target audience, the brand used their own store-level sales data to activate their ads when and where their audience was most likely to be.

  • Many shapes and sizes: Taking advantage of programmatic targeting, Mad Mex activated thousands of indoor and outdoor screens across Australia, increasing their reach and appearing in where they were most relevant (it's the art of contextual targeting).
  • Staying close to the goal: As the last piece of the puzzle in their targeting strategy, Mad Mex made sure to launch ads within a 1km radius of key restaurant locations.
  • The audience decides the creative: The creative message on each advertisement was tailored to monthly restaurant data, emphasizing either taste, health or value, whichever was driving the most people into that location. 


4) New Balance: Influencer marketing in the (urban) wild 

New Balance - DOOH campaign

New Balance turned Dutch athlete Femke Bol's victory at the Budapest championship into a nationwide celebration. The brand activated digital screens across Dutch cities, lighting up with her success story. But here's the best part: the campaign was as responsive as it gets. It started with boosting Femke's spirits before the race, then seamlessly shifted creatives to celebrate her win afterward. By showcasing Femke's triumph in her hometown and training spots, New Balance not only cheered her on but also painted the town red with their brand.

We we love it: 

  • One ad, many sizes: New Balance streamlined their campaign strategy by utilizing dynamically adjustable ads that could seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes. This helped them use their resources more efficiently.
  • Dutch pride: Using a well-known and celebrated local celebrity made the brand feel timely and personal, earning positive perceptions from Dutch audiences.
  • Advertising in real-time: Subsequently changing their ads based on Femke’s triumph made New Balance feel like a part of the moment, as if they were sitting in the seats alongside their target market.  


5) Travel Texas: Inspiring the love to explore

Lets Texas - DOOH campaign

Travel Texas kicked off an exciting out-of-home campaign, Let’s Texas, to draw in new visitors. By tailoring messages to their key markets and targeting Gen X families, millennials, and boomer travelers, their aim was to ignite a desire to explore Texas. The results were impressive: those who saw the campaign were three times more likely to plan a trip to the Lone Star State.

Why we love it:

  • Targeted adventure: By pinpointing key demographics in core markets, the campaign brought the spirit of Texas to the right audience, sparking their wanderlust.
  • Creative exploration: Day-parting and tailored messaging ensured that each interaction felt like an invitation to discover Texas in all its vibrant glory.
  • Dynamic storytelling: Through activity-based creatives and real-time adjustments, the campaign captured the essence of Texas, adapting to the rhythms of day and night.
  • From offline to online: The seamless integration of mobile retargeting extended the campaign's reach, keeping Texas top-of-mind long after the initial encounter.


6) Willy Wonka: We’ll bring the factory to you


Warner Bros captivated audiences with an unforgettable digital out-of-home advertising activation featuring Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka in Times Square. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D anamorphic imagery, the billboard brought the beloved character to life in a way that was both immersive and personalized. Amidst the bustling screens of Times Square, Chalamet's dynamic presence stood out, creating an unmissable experience for those passing by.

Why we love it: 

  • Celebrity engagement: Featuring Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka added star power and captured attention in a crowded advertising space.
  • Real-life, real dimensions: The use of 3D anamorphic imagery showcased the potential for immersive and visually stunning out-of-home activations.
  • Make an impact: Against the backdrop of Times Square, the dynamic billboard left a lasting impression, making it a standout example of effective digital out-of-home advertising.


7) Guinness: The official beer of winter

Guiness - DOOH campaign

Guinness launched a digital out-of-home campaign in Australia, aiming to make their drink the quintessential beer of winter. Dubbed 'The Guinness Brewery of Meteorology,' this campaign used real-time weather triggers and smart location targeting to ensure Guinness ads popped up just when Aussies were feeling the chill. Lifesight joined the party, providing insights that measured the campaign's real-world impact. The results? More pints, more visits, and more revenue, as Guinness became the go-to brew during the colder months.

Why we love it: 

  • Winter wonderland: By cleverly associating themselves with winter, Guinness showed off their creative flair, making winter synonymous with Guinness and strengthening its brand allure.
  • Weather magic: By syncing their ads with the temperature drop, Guinness made their presence felt just when Aussies were craving a comforting pint, making them timely and relevant.
  • Pub proximity: Targeting screens near Guinness-serving pubs ensured the message hit home where it mattered most – right at the bar, enticing patrons to choose Guinness for their winter warm-up.
  • Cheers to results: The campaign didn't just talk the talk – it walked the walk, delivering impressive visit uplifts, consumption spikes, and revenue boosts, proving its effectiveness in turning heads and wallets. 


8) Jack in the box: Sizzling success with a cheddar loaded cheeseburger

Jack in the Box - DOOH campaign

Jack in the Box launched an out-of-home campaign to promote its new Cheddar Loaded Cheeseburger and drive foot traffic to its restaurant locations. Leveraging static and video out-of-home creatives, the campaign unfolded across indoor and outdoor venues, captivating consumers at every touchpoint. In the end, the brand was able to drive an impressive 1.3 million hungry customers to their doors.

Why we love it: 

  • Visual feast: With eye-popping visuals and mouthwatering video ads, Jack in the Box didn't just grab attention – they held it.
  • Strategic conquesting: Jack in the Box targeted customers frequenting competing fast-casual restaurants, seizing key moments to showcase their irresistible menu item.
  • Precision proximity: The brand’s proximity targeting strategy honed in on consumers within a 2-mile radius of its locations, placing them right where their customers are, ready to satisfy their cravings.

> Learn more about this campaign


9) Church’s Texas Chicken®: A meal to satisfy your cravings

Churchs Chicken - DOOH campaign

Church’s Texas Chicken® launched a dynamic out-of-home campaign aimed at increasing foot traffic to its QSR locations across the country. Leveraging a mix of outdoor media venues and data-driven audience targeting, the campaign delivered impressive results, with a staggering 19.6 million impressions and  2.4 million store visits. The campaign even exceeded store conversion rates at 12.2%, showcasing its effectiveness in driving real-world actions and delivering measurable results

Why we love it:

  • Bullseye targeting: By using data-driven insights and location-based targeting, Church’s Texas Chicken® served up their tempting offers to the perfect crowd, maximizing engagement and driving foot traffic.
  • Many shapes and sizes: From billboards to bus shelters, the brand was everywhere, ensuring no one could miss their mouthwatering menu, making it impossible to ignore their crave-worthy offerings.
  • Omni-presence: The QSR chain took its campaign to the next level by using device ID passback for mobile retargeting, reaching hungry diners and enticing them with personalized offers in the moments that mattered most.


10) Rain-X: Using the weather to market

Rain-X - DOOH campaign

Rain-X launched a digital out-of-home campaign aimed to increase sales when their product mattered most. Instead of bombarding drivers with generic ads, they tapped into the rhythm of the weather. When rain poured down, Rain-X was right there, seamlessly blending their message with the atmosphere.

Why we love it:

  • Weather magic: Rain-X used weather triggers to sync their ads perfectly with changing weather patterns, showcasing their knack for timing and relevance.
  • Bullseye targeting: Armed with data insights, Rain-X hit the bullseye, reaching their ideal audience in the right place at the right time.
  • Access to the product: Strategically placing ads near Rain-X retailers drove foot traffic and tempted shoppers to stock up on ClearView.

> Learn more about this campaign


11) Aperol: Perfectly poised, weather-triggered DOOH

Aperol - DOOH campaign

Aperol, known for its iconic Aperol Spritz, devised a clever summer campaign leveraging weather-based digital out-of-home to join in on the summer fun. By utilizing programmatic technology, Aperol ensured their ads appeared only during summer cocktail weather, above 66°F (19°C), and strategically positioned the ads near social hubs and high foot traffic areas to maximize audience engagement.

Why we love it:

  • Weather magic: Aperol's campaign brilliantly harnessed the power of weather triggers, ensuring their ads were seen precisely when consumers were most inclined to enjoy a refreshing drink outdoors.
  • Location, location, location: By strategically placing their ads near social hubs and high foot traffic areas, Aperol ensured maximum exposure to their target audience and amplified its message.
  • Color theory in action: Taking advantage of their marquee color, Aperol added plenty of orange into their ads, popping off the screen against the summer-blue skies (check out more tips for out-of-home creatives). 


12) Nike Air Max: Creating a moment with out-of-home


Nike's innovative 3D digital billboard in Tokyo captivated audiences worldwide. Featuring a periodically opening shoebox revealing different Air Max designs, the ad garnered viral attention both locally and globally, showcasing Nike's ability to captivate audiences with immersive experiences.

Why we love it:

  • Eye-catching graphics: Nike's use of 3D technology created visually stunning and attention-grabbing graphics that immediately captured viewers' interest.
  • A sense of suspense: The periodic opening of the shoebox created a sense of anticipation, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the reveal of each new Air Max design. This element of mystery and excitement engaged audiences and sparked conversations both online and offline.
  • Global appeal: Despite debuting in Tokyo, Nike's 3D billboard quickly captured the attention of audiences worldwide. Its captivating design went viral, turning a local outdoor campaign into a social media phenomenon. 


13) Betterment: Offering a better way to invest

Betterment - DOOH campaign

Betterment, the online investing app, recognized a crucial gap in reaching potential users early in their financial journey. To tackle this challenge head-on, they launched a dynamic programmatic digital out-of-home campaign. This innovative approach allowed Betterment to target young professionals precisely when and where they were most likely to be throughout the day. The results were astounding, with a remarkable 65% boost in brand awareness and an impressive 117% surge in intent to open accounts.

Why we love it: 

  • Location is everything: Betterment's use of location data enabled them to select the best screens placed in locations frequented by their target audience, reaching the right people at the right time.
  • From offline to online: Going the extra mile, Betterment seamlessly integrated their outdoor campaign with mobile marketing tactics, effectively re-engaging consumers who had been exposed to their outdoor ads.
  • Automation with personalization: Betterment's campaign stood out for its adaptability and relevance, thanks to the use of dynamic creatives that could adjust messaging in real-time to align with cultural moments, such as the Super Bowl. 

> Learn more about this campaign


14) Vandebran: Tying the brand with a purpose

Vandran - DOOH campaign

In the quest for a greener future, Vandebron sought to ignite a movement towards sustainable energy in the Netherlands. Their mission? Empower electric vehicle (EV) owners to charge up with the greenest energy possible. Through dynamic messaging, they sparked a conversation about eco-conscious driving, showing that every charge can make a world of difference.

Why we love it:

  • Data becomes purpose: Vandebron's Green Energy Forecast wasn't just informative – it was a game-changer. By crunching the numbers and pinpointing the greenest charging times, they turned data into action and empowered EV owners to drive with purpose.
  • Dynamic genius: From bustling cities to serene countryside, Vandebron's dynamic banners caught eyes and hearts alike, delivering personalized messages that hit home.
  • Precision targeting: By honing in on areas with a high EV density, the campaign reached the people who could make the biggest difference.
  • Empowerment in action: Through the campaign, EV owners weren't just spectators – they were a part of the story of sustainability, which made the brand a part of the consumer’s day and gave them a sense of responsibility. 

> Learn more about this campaign


10 takeaways you should take from these digital out-of-home advertising examples

As programmatic capabilities continue to improve the out-of-home industry, brands are finding more inventive ways to get in front of consumers in eye-catching and engaging ways. These digital out-of-home advertising examples showcase the power and potential of the medium, offering valuable insights and strategies for marketers looking to make a lasting impact. 


Here are 10 key takeaways from the campaigns:

  1. Personalization at scale: Utilize dynamic creatives and data-driven insights to deliver personalized messages tailored to individual preferences and behaviors.
  2. Strategic location targeting: Utilize location-based targeting to ensure ads reach the right audience in the right place, maximizing impact and engagement.
  3. Real-time optimization: Implement real-time optimizations to adjust messaging and targeting based on performance and audience behavior, ensuring campaign effectiveness.
  4. Integration across channels: Seamlessly integrate digital out-of-home campaigns with other marketing channels, such as mobile, to reinforce messaging and extend reach.
  5. Stay data-informed: Leverage data insights to inform targeting strategies and campaign optimization, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of out-of-home advertising.
  6. Don’t just display, engage: Incorporate engaging elements, such as live tweets or real-time updates, to encourage audience interaction and participation.
  7. Adaptability to cultural moments: Stay agile and responsive to cultural moments and trends, adjusting messaging and creatives to resonate with the audience effectively.
  8. Diversify your screens: Launch a campaign to reach audiences across various screens and touchpoints to amplify the brand and feel relevant.
  9. Use the weather: Capitalize on weather triggers to deliver ads at the right time and place based on weather conditions, increasing brand relevance.
  10. Empowerment and connection: Engage audiences by empowering them to be part of the campaign narrative, fostering a sense of connection and responsibility towards the brand's message.


Inspired to dive deeper into digital out-of-home advertising? 

Imagine your brand's message coming to life on a massive screen, grabbing the attention of consumers and engaging them in ways no other channel can. Whether it's in bustling city streets, shopping centers, or on transportation hubs, digital out-of-home grabs attention and makes a statement.

Want to see more digital out-of-home advertising examples? Explore our case studies! 

If you’re interested in launching a campaign? Vistar Media is ready to support you and your goals. Contact our team to learn more about the services we provide.

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