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Topgolf Partnership with Vistar Media Skyrockets Programmatic Ad Sales



Aliana Heffernan

Topgolf Entertainment Group, a technology-enabled global sports entertainment brand, has become well known for its innovative approach to the driving range. Blending technology with gaming, Topgolf established its presence in the market by creating an immersive experience for golfers and non-golfers, children and adults alike. Yet despite their tech-centric venues, Topgolf was struggling to find a software solution that would fit its growing network’s needs. 

Since Topgolf’s leadership team had a background in digital advertising, they initially chose to partner with an online ad server. However, Topgolf quickly recognized that this wasn’t the best solution to manage its digital out-of-home network. 

With a variety of digital screens and inventory types, Topgolf needed a provider that would provide it with the ability to manage its available inventory, create custom on-screen experience and free up some of the manual work the team was currently managing each day. Topgolf partnered with Vistar Media because of our full stack solution, including Cortex (device and content management) and the Vistar Ad Platform (supply-side platform and ad server). As a true partner, Vistar has been dedicated to not only building the right solutions, but also providing ongoing education to the Topgolf team so they can make the most of their software investment. Ultimately, through working with Vistar, Topgolf was able to streamline network operations and drive a significant increase in ad sales revenue.

To learn more about our partnership and what Topgolf has been able to achieve with Vistar, read the complete case study in the link below.

Download the Topgolf Case Study

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