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Use of video in Out of Home: UGG's smart video outdoor campaign



Mahsa Sabouri

Using Digital Out of Home, the shoe brand UGG successfully demonstrated how their clothing campaign generated incremental brand awareness for their clothing range. This campaign underlines the power of programmatic Out of Home in response to providing clients with real-time variables, such as providing them with the ability to access and up weight locations that reach their targeted audience. 

Although this campaign proves the value of programmatic OOH is central to marketing strategies, considering the challenges associated with these campaigns is crucial. Creating an appealing and engaging creative campaign through the use of animation and videos is something most brands consider attractive.

What usually isn’t considered is the effectiveness of these types of creatives outdoors. Since the exposure time of outdoor advertising already is incredibly brief, video and animated content can be even harder to grasp for bypassers. It is more difficult for the audience to recognize the brand message or meaning of the advertisement as a whole. 

What distinguishes UGG’s video advertisement from others is their choice to consider adding the video in the background of their brand message and logo. Doing so keeps the viewer informed about the moving creative, rather than leaving them wondering what is being advertised and why.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising or gather ideas for your next DOOH campaign? Get in touch with Bart, our Regional Lead in Nordic, via email bboogaard@vistarmedia.com

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