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Vandebron Using Programmatic DOOH For Green Energy Adoption



Mahsa Sabouri

In an era where sustainability takes center stage, the shift towards green energy and electric vehicles (EVs) has become more vital than ever. Vandebron, a leading green energy provider in the Netherlands, partnered with Sage+Archer to create a campaign that raised awareness and empowered EV owners to make eco-conscious choices. This collaborative effort embodied data-driven precision while emphasizing the importance of green energy adoption.

Bridge the Gap with Data-Driven Precision

At the heart of this initiative was the Green Energy Forecast, a tool designed to inform EV owners about the optimal times to charge their vehicles with the greenest electricity available. Data-driven precision was the key, ensuring that EV owners could maximize their eco-friendly impact.

Dynamic Creatives and Personalization

To effectively reach the campaign’s target audience, Vandebron collaborated with verified partners in specific provinces, strategically ensuring visibility where it mattered most. They employed HTML5 banners with dynamic content in urban areas to facilitate personalized messaging, while rural areas utilized data triggers for static content to maintain a consistent and impactful campaign. This dynamic approach maximized impact by automatically displaying the greenest charging time frame.

Use of Audience Targeting in DOOH

Recognizing the importance of precise audience targeting, effective strategies were employed. By identifying areas with a high concentration of EV owners, the campaign ensured its message reached those who could benefit the most. This precise targeting approach maximized the campaign’s effectiveness.

The power of data-driven precision and green energy advocacy

Vandebron’s collaboration with Sage+Archer exemplified the power of data-driven precision and green energy advocacy. By leveraging data insights and personalized messaging, the campaign successfully raised awareness about the Green Energy Forecast and encouraged app downloads. As we progress toward a more sustainable future, campaigns like this play a crucial role in driving positive environmental change, one charge at a time.

Keen to learn more about this campaign or DOOH opportunities overall? Feel free to contact our Regional Lead in BENELUX, Gido Andriessen via email: gandriessen@vistarmedia.com 


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