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Varick Media Partners with Vistar For Programmatic OOH Buying Solution



Aliana Heffernan

Vistar Media has partnered with Varick Media to to bring programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media into Varick’s omnichannel buying solution. The partnership will enable Varick to access the only DSP and only exchange built for the OOH industry.

“By working with Vistar, we can now reach valuable audiences as they move throughout the real world,” stated Kait Boulos, VP of client strategy and partnerships at Varick.

Marketers are closer than ever to reaching and engaging with consumers across all channels, but while digital OOH has been transacted programmatically for years, it has largely remained siloed from the rest of the omnichannel suite.

“Our marketers care about reaching consumers at the right moment through the most impactful channel, whether that is in an online or offline landscape,” said Boulos. “We’ve heard the growing demand for OOH from our marketers; by working with Vistar we can now reach valuable audiences as they move throughout the real-world.”

By adding Vistar’s demand-side platform and exchange for OOH media, Varick is now able to provide marketers with the tools to reach consumers in the real world through audience-targeted media.

CEO and co-founder Michael Provenzano said, “We’re thrilled to partner with an innovator like Varick to help marketers realize the programmatic omnichannel vision by bringing OOH into the fold.”  

Vistar Media’s unique technology brings reporting and measurement to digital out-of-home media, allowing marketers for the first time to truly understand campaign ROI and gain valuable insights to inform future media planning. By partnering with Vistar Media, Varick can now leverage 1st- and 3rd-party segments to target consumers at critical points in their daily movement patterns, reaching marketers’ target audiences to influence buying behavior and drive brick-and-mortar visitation. Vistar Media provides the only online marketplace to access digital OOH inventory from all media owners with the highest efficiency.


About Varick Media

Varick is an audience centric digital marketing company that uses state of the art technology to provide agencies and brands with full funnel, cross-channel strategies to drive brand marketing objectives. Varick, a pioneer in the programmatic space since 2008 was originally founded on New York’s historic Varick Street. With nine offices across the US, Canada and the UK, Varick brings the fast paced spirit of the digital world to a global audience.

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