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Vistar 101: How Much Do You Know About DOOH?



Aliana Heffernan

By the end of 2018, it is forecasted that more than $46bn will be spent on programmatic advertising. But agencies, brands, and media owners are often still confused by programmatic digital out-of-home, its terminology, and the transaction process. That’s why we’ve assembled Vistar 101, including What is DOOH?, Why use DOOH?, and DOOH Myth Busters. If you haven’t yet, we recommend reviewing those posts to get a stronger grasp on DOOH and what it’s all about. Finished reading? Well then it’s time to take our DOOH Quiz! Here are seven questions testing how savvy you are about the DOOH landscape.

  1. Digital out-of-home is limited to large billboards

    A. Yes, billboards are the only media considered DOOH
    B. No, billboards and street furniture can be DOOH
    C. No, billboards, street furniture, and transit screens can be DOOH
    D. No, all screens found outside the home can be DOOH

  2.  Outdoor advertising...

    A. Is dated and doesn’t work
    B. Only works for local businesses
    C. Has the potential to drive success, but measurement is unreliable
    D. Has driven measurable success for countless marketing campaign

  3. Place-based media includes…

    A. Screens located in gyms
    B. Screens located in office buildings
    C. Screens located in mall
    D. All of the above

  4. Location targeting audiences for DOOH exposure can include...

    A.  Geo-fences & places of interest (POIs)
    B. Zip codes
    C. Geospatial location data
    D. All of the abov

  5. What does DOOH offer that display advertising does not?

    A. Video creative
    B. Programmatic technology
    C. Clear ROI
    D. One-to-many exposure

  6. Programmatic DOOH...

    A. Isn’t up to speed with other programmatic offerings
    B. Has limitations that will prevent buyers from spending their digital budgets
    C. Cannot be purchased with mobile
    D. None of the above

  7. How does programmatic for DOOH compare to mobile or display?

    A. It’s a completely different transaction process that digital teams will need to learn
    B. The process has some similarities, but not enough to make it easy to adopt
    C. The process is similar, but still requires an expert to manage
    D. The process is very similar, with the option for marketers to use self-service management platform

Mostly A’s: Novice
Mostly B’s: Getting the swing of it
Mostly C’s: Pretty much a pro
Mostly D’s: Whoa! Total expert

Still getting the hang of DOOH? Click to download our DOOH guide below:

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