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Integrating OOH Landscapes: Vistar Media Acquires ADstruc



Michael Provenzano

At the core, out-of-home media is about making a real impact in the real world. At Vistar, we thrive on this - and we just made a big move to amp up our game: acquiring ADstruc from PJX Media.

If you’re part of the OOH industry in the US, chances are you’ve heard of ADstruc. For over fifteen years, this tool has been at the heart of traditional OOH planning, helping agencies streamline how they plan, buy, and sell OOH media. Why does this matter? Because it’s all about efficiency. With ADstruc, teams can focus more on creating memorable campaigns and less on the grind.

So what does this have to do with Vistar, a company known for creating and building the programmatic digital OOH category? 

We listen. Over the years, our customers consistently remind us that digital OOH - and programmatic within that - is just one piece of the broader OOH landscape. Brands and their agency partners often work with us to create impactful campaigns but are eager for solutions that help them execute on all that OOH has to offer. 

We've been eyeing the traditional planning space for years. The idea of developing our own solution was tempting, but ultimately we opted for a more strategic path—partnering with an established player that has been designing tools pressure-tested for their own use. We evaluated all the options in the market, and determined that ADstruc was far and away the best technology solution with a business model that resonated with customers. 

The acquisition of ADstruc significantly enhances our OOH offering, enabling deeper collaborations with OOH agencies. Our approach to everything is about combining top-tier software with top-tier human support. ADstruc under Vistar will allow OOH agencies to focus more on what they do best—delivering expert, bespoke service. 

On the other hand, as a leading global OOH company, we now connect brands and agencies across the world with the comprehensive tools they need for both local and international campaigns. This acquisition broadens the scope from just programmatic to include all OOH possibilities, equipping digital agencies to seamlessly integrate OOH into their strategies for varied advertising solutions - from vinyl and digital billboards to posters to murals, wallscapes, bus wraps and more.

Historically, the OOH industry has viewed programmatic and traditional OOH solutions in competition with each other. This has limited growth, and doesn’t actually reflect how brand marketers think about the channel. I am so proud that PJX and Vistar decided to take a different approach, and think about how we could grow faster - and encourage growth for the entire industry - by partnering together to find a smarter outcome. 

I’m confident this marks another growth chapter for our channel ahead. OOH agencies get an efficient solution to supercharge their operations; digital agencies get better, streamlined access to the full power of OOH; and media owners get to work with a tool they already trust and prefer, now with all prospective buyers. 

Thanks for being part of this journey with us. If you’re as excited as we are, let’s chat about what this means for you and how we can make OOH even more powerful together.

We’ll see you out there.

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