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Vistar Partners with L2 to Strengthen Political Out-of-Home Campaigns



Marissa Bernstein

There’s less than one month to go in the 2020 political season. We’ve recently covered how top political marketers are leveraging DOOH and Vistar’s DSP to boost their campaign efforts, and now we want to reaffirm that it’s not too late to get your OOH campaigns up and running. In fact, it’s more essential than ever.

Vistar recently partnered with L2, one of America's leading and most trusted non-partisan voter file providers, to bring advanced audience targeting to the out-of-home industry before the election. 

For 50 years, L2 has provided campaigns with high-quality, up-to-date and robust files of U.S. voters. Through Vistar’s integration with L2, candidates and advocacy groups alike have access to, and can target against, a multitude of targeting parameters to reach voters through programmatic DOOH. Depending on your campaign goals, you can now activate against hundreds of fields to engage your target voters in the real world. A few examples include:

  • Demographics (HH Gender, Age, Ethnicity)
  • Voter History (Congressional District, General, Primary Elections, New Registrants)
  • Individual Affiliations (Party, Religion)
  • Donors (Political Causes)

Whether your campaign includes messaging around candidate persuasion, get out the vote, or issue advocacy, all political marketers should be activating digital out-of-home in the remaining days to broadcast your message at scale

While most traditional OOH requires long-term commitments and manual booking processes, Vistar’s platform offers rapid activation capabilities with robust flexibility. With Vistar, you can upload assets electronically and schedule, optimize or pause your campaigns in just minutes based on real-world circumstances.   

For more activation strategies, download our ultimate guide to political advertising, and for help with planning or activating your political campaigns, reach out using the button below.


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