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Audience and Targeting Strategies for DOOH


The Definitive Guide to DOOH Audience & Targeting

Audience and Targeting Strategies for DOOH


Vistar Media shares a brand-new comprehensive guide to audience and targeting strategies for digital out-of-home. 

Over the past few years, digital out-of-home has entered a new era. The ability to use data to create audiences and target consumers in the physical world means DOOH is no longer an antiquated or analogue channel. While the technology is still relatively new, it is already delivering tremendous value to brands that have implemented an audience-based strategy for their DOOH campaigns. 

Previously, marketers primarily bought OOH media based on geographic factors such as zip codes, DMAs and store locations. However, today’s advanced data solutions have enabled brands to take a closer look at consumer movement patterns, creating a deeper understanding of behavioral trends. It is with these learnings that marketers can activate DOOH media – in the right place, at the right time – to engage their target audiences. 

In our new playbook, Audience & Targeting Strategies for DOOH, you’ll learn about:

  • The variety of audiences and targeting solutions available to marketers
  • How audiences are built for this real-world medium
  • Different strategic approaches to take, depending on campaign goals
  • And much, much more!

To dive deeper into the audience and targeting strategies now available for DOOH, download our guide below.

Download The Playbook!

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