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Vistar Media Launches New Self-Service Mobile Suite



Aliana Heffernan

Vistar Media has launched a new mobile suite for self-service clients, offering marketers a range of options for their cross-screen initiatives.

Marketers who have worked with Vistar know that mobile is a natural companion to digital out-of-home advertising. For years, they have been leveraging mobile to help boost overall campaign performance. 

Now, we’re excited to announce that clients who work with us in a self-service capacity can leverage their preferred mobile DSPs to reach consumers exposed to a Vistar DOOH campaign through mobile retargeting.

Real-World Retargeting

Vistar’s Real-World Retargeting identifies the Device IDs of those most likely to have been exposed to your DOOH ad and makes them available for retargeting on mobile. This offering is made available exclusively via LiveRamp, our mobile on-boarding partner. Working with LiveRamp gives Vistar clients the flexibility to retarget their DOOH campaigns through their preferred mobile DSP, and it ensures that the data is processed and passed with the highest standards of privacy compliance

Venue Proximity 

Venue Proximity is another great option for clients looking to extend their DOOH campaign to mobile. This offering gives you the ability geofence your DOOH campaign, export your locations list from the UI, and retarget consumers in the corresponding areas on their mobile devices – again, reaching consumers who are likely to have seen your ad, but with the additional scale of mobile.

Mobile Extension

When reaching as many consumers as possible is your main priority, we’ve got you covered there too. Mobile Extension offers you the flexibility to retarget consumers on mobile using any method you choose, helping you to greatly extend the reach of your campaign and effectively increase the impact. These methods include regional targeting by DMA, zip code, borough, etc., geo-fencing custom or curated points of interest – such as brand or competitor store locations, and more.

Log in to the Vistar platform now and find out for yourself why mobile and DOOH are the perfect pair!

Not a Vistar client? Contact us to learn more.

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