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Warming up the winter chill: Jägermeister's targeted digital out-of-home campaign



Mahsa Sabouri

When winter descends with its bone-chilling cold, there's nothing quite like a shot of Jägermeister to warm the soul. As temperatures plummeted, Jägermeister, in collaboration with the creative minds of M2|OC Formula For Growth, seized the opportunity to launch a strategically targeted digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign in the Netherlands. This case study explores how Jägermeister leveraged weather targeting, location targeting, time targeting, and to captivate their audience and drive brand engagement

Weather Targeting:

The weather is an undeniable influencer of consumer behavior. Jägermeister took advantage of this by activating their campaign when the mercury dropped below 3 degrees Celsius. This precise weather targeting ensured that their message resonated most effectively. 

Location Targeting:

In a world of advertising saturation, location is everything. Jägermeister recognized the importance of being where their audience was. By pinpointing specific urban areas, Jägermeister maximized its exposure where it mattered most, demonstrating a keen understanding of their audience's habits and preferences.

Time Targeting:

Jägermeister made a smart move by limiting its campaign to weekends only. This choice aligned with the audience's weekend mindset—a time when people often seek relaxation and indulgence. By focusing their efforts on the weekends, Jägermeister increased the chances of connecting with their target audience when they were most receptive to their message.


Jägermeister's innovative approach to location targeting, time targeting, and weather targeting in their digital out-of-home campaign provided a lesson in effective advertising. By understanding their audience's behaviors and preferences during cold winter weekends, they crafted a message that was not only relevant but also emotionally appealing. 

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