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Winning in Real-Time: Heineken 0.0's Programmatic campaign



Mahsa Sabouri

Heineken 0.0 aimed to harness the excitement of live sports events to engage dynamically with their audience in the Netherlands. Seeking a more innovative approach, they utilized programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising through the Vistar Media platform to craft a real-time, hyper-relevant campaign that resonated deeply with consumers during pivotal moments.

Dentsu Benelux partnered closely with Heineken 0.0 to develop a cutting-edge strategy centered on live sports events, particularly the Dutch cup final, to boost brand awareness and engagement. Utilizing Vistar Media's capabilities, the team set up a custom API trigger to activate the campaign in real-time based on live match results.

As the cup final reached its climax, with anticipation mounting and hearts racing, Heineken 0.0's programmatic DOOH campaign sprang into action the moment the referee blew the final whistle. Drawing on live data feeds, the campaign dynamically targeted the winning team's hometown, Rotterdam, with a tailored Feyenoord-themed message. This swift and precise execution ensured that Heineken 0.0 was at the forefront of consumers' minds during this electrifying moment, fostering a strong connection with the audience.

JCD.HEINEKEN (1)Heineken 0.0's collaboration with Dentsu Benelux and Vistar Media showcases the transformative potential of real-time programmatic DOOH advertising. By leveraging live data and dynamic targeting, the campaign successfully captivated audiences during a key sporting event, demonstrating the brand's agility and ability to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. This innovative approach not only elevated brand visibility but also solidified Heineken 0.0's position as a market leader in the beverage industry.

Keen to learn more about this campaign or DOOH opportunities overall? Feel free to contact our Regional Lead in BENELUX, Gido Andriessen via email: gandriessen@vistarmedia.com

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