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This report presents data-driven insights and corresponding media strategies for the consumer packaged goods vertical — broken down by the categories of food, beverage, OTC, and personal care — examining:

  • Shopping Preferences & Brand Insights 
  • Brand Loyalty & Consumption Patterns 
  • When & Where to Reach CPG Shoppers
  • Category Insights & Marketing Strategies


Grocery Store Screen DOOH

Food & Grocery

From popcorn to peanut butter, chocolate to crackers, fruit pops to deli meats, the world of food-based CPG ranges far and wide. So how can your brand stand out in today's increasingly complex landscape?

Beverage DOOH screen


55% of consumers plan their beverage purchases within a few hours of buying them, and nearly 90% make these decisions within just a few days — a much quicker grab-and-go experience than grocery purchases.

Over the Counter Image


In the battle over market share, DOOH enables OTC brands to reach audiences on the path-to-purchase and at the point-of-purchase, during critical moments when consumers are in the midst of decision making.

Personal care DOOH screen

Personal Care

When you’re at the store looking for a new body wash, are you more likely to think about the product you saw advertised online last week, or the product you just noticed on a digital screen inside the store itself?


See why & how Jägermeister tapped programmatic DOOH to promote its Cold Brew product, ultimately driving a 66% increase in purchase intent.

> Learn more here from Jägermeister's CMO, Chris Peddy




CPG Client Success Stories

Times Square billboards

Nature's Way Sambucus 

To compliment its Times Square activation, Nature's Way used the contextual relevance of airports with weather targeting to influence purchases at immune risk moments.

Point of purchase screen with Nestle Perrier Fusions ad

Nestlé Perrier Fusions

Nestlé activated across 10+ different DOOH venue types to reach shoppers while they were on the path to purchase and at the point of sale — driving a +13% lift in intent.

DOOH urban panel with tea advertisement

Tea Beverage

A non-alcoholic beverage brand drove a 73% lift in foot traffic to key retailers by reaching its "Tea Drinkers" target audience at multiple DOOH venues across the shopper journey.

Medicine aisle in pharmacy

OTC Immune Booster

A leading OTC company activated DOOH media around “germ hub” locations across multiple markets, ultimately driving +10.3% increase in product sales.

Alcohol section in a grocery store

American Beer Brand

A top national beer generated a +22% lift in purchase intent by running ads across digital screens in contextually relevant locations, such as bars and convenience stores.

People shopping in a pharmacy

Well-Known Antiperspirant

This leading CPG brand lifted purchase intent by +32% using a data-driven audience strategy that targeted "Frequent Walmart Shoppers" who also enjoyed physical activity.

Beauty of DOOH by Vistar Media cover photo

A well-known beauty retailer turned to Vistar Media to develop an innovative OOH strategy that could leverage data and provide measurable results. Our latest report shows how the brand successfully leveraged DOOH for:

  • Activating a movement-based, data-driven audience strategy
  • Branding across the entire consumer journey
  • Uniquely tapping into a variety of contextual touch points
  • Driving  +127% lift in foot traffic to its store locations


Billboard image

Intersecting the Consumer Journey

This brand seamlessly ran across 10+ OOH media networks, representing a mix of venue types and a variety of unique contextual environments.

Path to purchase map

Along the Path to Purchase

Dive into how CPG marketers can use the power of programmatic to take advantage of each type of digital out-of-screen network along the path to purchase. 

Learn more about Vistar’s approach to data-driven targeting, and our advanced capabilities, here. We've also partnered with the industry’s top data providers, so you can extend your brand’s existing audience and measurement strategies into DOOH.


The Vistar team is here to help. Reach out today to get in touch with our squad of programmatic out-of-home experts, who will be happy to provide an in-depth, customized strategy for your brand.