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Connect the Consumer Experience

Reach any audience, on any screen.

Data-Driven Strategies for CPG Marketers

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers have a challenging job: standing out in a crowded media environment while adapting to ever-changing consumer habits. Today's consumers interact with brands on more levels than ever before, so marketers must use omnichannel strategies to connect with them across the entire consumer journey. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising provides CPG marketers with the unique opportunity to engage with on-the-go shoppers when traditional channels fall short.

Reach the “active shopper” during the path to purchase and in-store, with custom targeting and messaging aimed to drive awareness and influence real-time purchasing decisions on a mass scale. Vistar’s programmatic platform provides a seamless integration with high-quality DOOH inventory and empowers brands to reach consumers at any venue type throughout their buying journey.
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Make an Impact With Digital Out-of-Home

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Combine mass scale with precision targeting

CPG brands can supercharge the effectiveness of campaigns by tapping into data-driven audience targeting through behavioral, household, first and third-party data. 

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Plan, build & launch campaigns in one place

A dedicated programmatic DOOH platform allows brands to buy screens of all shapes and sizes in one place, removing the challenge of planning and contracting with multiple vendors individually. 

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Adjust messaging at the drop of a hat 

Programmatic DOOH allows brands to run different messaging and dynamic creatives based on location, time, demographics, behaviors, local weather and more.

Consumer shopping at point of sale

Engage shoppers at the point-of-purchase

DOOH can serve as a last-touch marketing effort to impact buying decisions by activating media inside the store where products are being sold or in nearby locations along the path-to-purchase.

Measure The Impact and Performance of DOOH

From measuring the total sales lift across leading U.S retailers to getting insights into consumer behavior and awareness level, Vistar offers CPG brands an array of solutions to measure the impact and performance of DOOH media through partnerships with industry-leading measurement providers. Vistar's partnership with IRI offers brands the ability to understand actual in-store sales lift impact of DOOH campaigns through a variety of studies: 

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Sales Lift Study Type

IRI's Ansa

Measures the sales impact across a specific leading U.S. retailer by measuring the difference in sales between test and control stores  

Great for: Shopper marketing campaigns for specific retailer such as Target, Walgreens, and more

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Sales Lift Study Type

IRI Sales Lift

Measures the impact of digital out-of-home media on consumer purchase behavior by linking exposure to offline sales 

Great for: National brand campaigns measuring overall sales lift, purchase penetration and more 

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Sales Lift Study Type

IRI Matched Market

Measures the sales impact of changing or using new media tactics in a test market before employing a large-scale rollout

Great for: Regional campaigns wanting to measure sales lift and return on ad spend (ROAS)

Pepsi's Success Story with Programmatic

Pepsi turned to Vistar Media to develop an innovative OOH strategy to drive sales of its new Nitro product line at specific Walmart locations across the United States. The case study shows how the brand successfully leveraged DOOH and first-party data to drive a significant lift in sales and 103% targeting efficiency. 

Read the Pepsi Case Study

Success Stories

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