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Influence Shoppers With Your Out-of-Home Plans

Reach any audience, on any screen. 

Data-Driven Strategies for Retail Marketers

Reach on-the-go shoppers across the path to purchase with custom digital out-of-home (DOOH) targeting and messaging, to drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store locations or influence purchasing decisions. Vistar's DSP, built for the nuances of out-of-home, brings together impactful inventory across the entire consumer journey for retail marketers to tap into through programmatic DOOH.


Intersecting the Consumer Journey

Programmatic technology allows brands to reach consumers across a full breadth of venues - including outdoor, shopping destinations, entertainment venues and more - depending on when and where their audiences are actually spending time. Through programmatic ad buying, marketers can set parameters around what goals they are trying to achieve and identify any specific target audiences.

Advertising on the Path to Purchase

Retail marketers can use the power of programmatic to take advantage of each type of digital out-of-home screen along the path to purchase. By leveraging programmatic DOOH technology, a marketer can match their audience's movement pattern and influence consumers' purchases on a mass scale.


Make an Impact With Digital Out-of-Home


Dynamic Creative for Digital Out-of-Home

Use data to inform your creative messaging and serve the most relevant ad content to viewers on each DOOH screen. Some common dynamic creative use cases for retail marketers include showcasing the distance to the nearest store, highlighting localized product promotions, and adding a countdown to upcoming events or sales.



A Screen for Every Venue

Digital out-of-home screens are everywhere – from traditional locations such as billboards and urban panels, to more niche venues such as gyms or doctors’ offices, and inclusive of all major retail destinations – the medium has a pervasive presence.

Venue Type

Large Format

Venue Type


Venue Type


The Ultimate Guide to Digital Out-of-Home

In an era of information overload, you need to get your message out in an exciting and eye-catching way — that’s where DOOH comes in. In this new guide, we break down everything marketers need to know about the evolving medium that brands are flocking to. Get access to the best strategies and tactics that will make your out-of-home campaign jump off the screens (and into the eyes of your audience). 


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