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Audience Segments
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About InMarket

Built upon our founders’ bold vision to bring the power of search to the physical world, for the past 14 years InMarket has been a digital advertising market leader. Today, our mission is to help leading brands connect to consumers in the moments that matter most. We do this by taking brands beyond the WHO to discover WHY consumers shop, WHAT they buy, and WHEN & WHERE to best reach them. Leveraging our industry-leading, real-time marketing and measurement platform, our customers drive growth and optimize spend with the most sophisticated and data-driven marketing solutions available—including Audiences, Activation, Attribution, and Analytics.

Audiences: Our Audience suite combines the motivating factors of where shoppers go, what they buy, and why they shop, to ensure you reach your ideal customer every time. +2500 Unique off-the-shelf audience segments. InMarket's scaled reach across all the major data marketplaces and DSPs provides you instant access to activate our unique programmatic solutions when, where, and how it matters most to you.

Measurement: InMarket’s Lift Conversion Index® (LCI®), a people-based attribution solution provides a comprehensive view of advertising impact. Powered by scaled, SDK-based location data from nearly 200 million permission-based monthly active users and transaction insights from over 560 million anonymized credit cards, LCI® offers an unparalleled perspective on omnichannel media performance.


Use cases

  • Measure visits to a brand’s brick-and-mortar locations driven by digital out-of-home (DOOH) media exposure. Through measuring

    • Overall foot traffic lift

    • Campaign store visit rate

    • Store visit rate breakouts


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"At Coegi, we do not take vetting another DSP lightly. This is because it can be a large ask for an organization to manage yet another UI. We chose to partner with Vistar for a reason: it makes our offering more robust, they are awesome to work with, it’s a seamless integration into our current workflow and the innovation of the product is second to none.”

Julia Wold
Operations Manager
Programmatic at Coegi



Accurately forecast and plan against impressions in digital out-of-home.

Accurately forecast and plan against impressions in digital out-of-home.

Accurately forecast and plan against impressions in digital out-of-home.