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Brand Measurement

About MFour

 MFour introduced Surveys On The Go® (SOTG), a consumer research app, in 2011. With 10 million daily consumer journeys, it’s the largest, first-party panel in the U.S. Consumers share their opinions via surveys sent to their phones. They are paid to give their feedback in surveys and to have their behaviors studied on their smartphones through GPS. The Surveys on the Go® (SOTG) Mobile App is used to trigger surveys based on observed digital behavior and usage of key apps. As the recognized leader in survey technology, MFour combines consumer opinions obtained through surveys with GPS tracking, together with observed online activities and purchases


Use cases

  • Brand Studies: Whether you aim to gauge brand awareness against competitors or understand your consumers' intent to visit your stores, brand studies provide invaluable insights into how your DOOH campaigns impact top-of-funnel results.

    Brand studies are particularly effective for evaluating campaigns focused on:

    • Category Promotions
    • Product Launches
    • Brand Sentiment
  • Market Pulse Studies: Get a comprehensive check on your brand's health in the markets where your DOOH campaigns are live with Market Pulse studies. 

    Dive into demographic breakouts for additional insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about future audience and targeting strategies.

    Market Pulse studies help you measure: 
    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Purchase Intent


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"At Coegi, we do not take vetting another DSP lightly. This is because it can be a large ask for an organization to manage yet another UI. We chose to partner with Vistar for a reason: it makes our offering more robust, they are awesome to work with, it’s a seamless integration into our current workflow and the innovation of the product is second to none.”

Julia Wold
Operations Manager
Programmatic at Coegi



Accurately forecast and plan against impressions in digital out-of-home.

Accurately forecast and plan against impressions in digital out-of-home.

Accurately forecast and plan against impressions in digital out-of-home.