Thanks to the rise of mobile devices, people are on the move now more than ever before, taking their work and entertainment with them. Vistar Media uses data-driven technology to provide insights into audience movement patterns and help brands, media owners and “smart city” innovators engage with consumers as they go about their daily routines.

We like to think of ourselves as an economic engine for connected cities, whether by providing media owners new ways to monetize their real estate assets, opening potential revenue streams for “smart city” initiatives, or helping brands engage consumers through targeted, impactful media.


Leadership team

Founded by early pioneers of programmatic buying for online advertising, Vistar Media was built to bring the power of data science and efficiency of automation to the out-of-home media industry.


Michael Provenzano

CEO & Co-Founder

Michael was previously a co-founder of Invite Media, the first universal demand-side platform for online display advertising. Invite Media was purchased by Google in 2010. Michael has a BSE in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Pennsylvania.


Mark Chadwick

CTO & Co-Founder

Mark was previously the chief architect of Invite Media. He has overseen technical teams of various sizes and built many cost effective distributed systems, and contributes to a variety of open source projects. Mark has a BS in Computer Science from Temple University.


Matt Schuster


Before joining Vistar, Matt was head of performance sales at GroundTruth (formerly xAd). He has led teams dedicated to revenue management, growth performance, and go-to-market strategy. Matt has a BS in Marketing & Management from Siena College.  




We constantly strive to add more than we extract. We are relentless in pursuing success for our clients and the company, and are willing to work as hard as needed to get the right end result.


We build powerful technology solutions through careful decision-making, balanced with innovative thinking and risk-taking. We constantly evaluate the way things are done.

with our partners, colleagues, employees and managers with candor and we stand by our commitments.

We strive always to do things the right way, not just the easy way. We communicate with our partners, colleagues, employees and managers with candor and we stand by our commitments.


We strive for expertise through a constant and rigorous pursuit of knowledge. Being curious gives us the ability to understand different points of view and understand what is really important. 


By having an open culture, we provide a safe space for constant feedback and improvement, allowing us to make strong and meaningful contributions to the success of our company and our career paths.


We are united by a common belief in Vistar’s potential. We respect and value each other, and genuinely want to see our company and colleagues succeed. Our bonds surpass professional expectations.